Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy 1 year...

it was me and my bf's 1 year anni :)
yea time passed so quick!
we've known each other for 1 year already...
we went out for a mini dinner on Monday
he had to work ~
so I drove out that night. Alone (O.O)
and picked him up.
Yah it was weird picking bf up, he said that too.LOL
you might be wondering why theres...
he gave me a surprise during dinner~
so our dinner was served halfway, then all of a sudden
2 waiters came in (our private dining room)
and put the cake on the table.
Then 1 of them said. "Congratulations"
I was so so so surprised ^___^""
and it was superb sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
it has a little note written on it too~

ouhh we had dinner at our favourite sushi restaurant :)
if you follow my blog, I've posted a few blog post about this restaurant
again, it's situated somewhere are Yonge and Finch
we had set combo for 2...
and they serve the dishes up 1 by 1...
ribs! I love their bbq ribs

tempura-my love
aaahh sashimi~
their sashimi is always the best and the most fresh ones

appetizer. Calamari tempura

our set~
white cup - cold noodles with tempura sauce
center- cold salad
right- miso soup (my fav)
and YES! It's Sapporo Sushi
after dinner~
boyfie said go to his place
so I drove all the way there
and yah...he wanted to give me my present. lol
rings! ouhhh wheeee ^___^

it doesn't look that shiny here
but it definitely looks BLING
the ring material is made out ceramics
so it's good material.
not plastic or metal
that's the place where he got it
from Pacific Mall

such a nice box :)

the unfolded....teeeheee
he got me cosmetics from Lancome too!

the mascara set
with eye makeup remover
eye cream
and mascara
Lancome dual finish powder
which helps the makeup to last longer
and prevent oil from ruining your face for the entire day
when you purchase 2 items from the Lancome counter,
they will get you a FREE pouch+makeup samples!
serum, face foundation, lip gloss, mascara
ain't that awesome?
They are having this promotion now!
So go and grab yours...teeheee
inside the pouch...
face serum

ouhhh this is the mascara from the box set. LOL
this doesn't come in the pouch tho

ok this is from the box set as well. lol~

the press powder
had a great day :)
wish you all the best with your love ones !
God Bless


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