Friday, May 27, 2011

My Current Skin Cares *review*

*at home without make-up* 

You might be wondering how I broke my nose?
My bf's so gullible. He saw me on webcam with my nose taped.
Then I told him I fell down and hurted my nose. He believed! hahahaha
But then afterwards he said it was a blackhead removing nose tape.
Indeed it is...

Ouh ouh I actually made myself a new photography lightbox! :]
Now you can see all my pictures with white background
Well..unless I want to add some random satin cloth. It varies!
But yes, the lighting it still in yellow, but as soon as I get the white light bulb I'm good to go.

This is how it looks like. The pore tape of course.
and this is the reverse side 
The brand is from Taiwan
A friend of mine gave it to me long time ago

Now starting off with my current skin cares
I'm loving my skin now.
Not to say that I'm 100% satisfied with it.
It's just that I've been taking good care of my skin now
So I guess it should be in great condition.

Let's now see what are the goodies I use... :]

Garnier Aqua Moisturizer
price: CAD$ 13++
rating: 10/10
comments: I recommend store this at the fridge,
*Eventhough I've never tried that before*
But it feels so smooth and a little cold icy like

This is a must must must have especially you have
dry skin. I'm 50/50. Oily at the nose and sort of
dry at the other parts

I've been using this for quite some time. 3 months I think?
It ran out so quick!

Garnier Ultra-Lift Wrinkle Free Night Cream
price: CAD$13++
rating: 8/10
comments: It's ok. The product smells old. LOL
It's not that it expired. Probably because it's so thick, I think.
And it sorts of heats up my face (-___-)
I won't buy it again for sure

Kiehl's ACAI Damage-Correcter Moisturizer
price: CAD$10 *two 15ml tubes*
rating: 10/10
comments: started using this only a week.
Love how it absorbs so quickly into my skin.
Fragnance free? Doesn't smell good nor stinky.

This is actually a small sample size tube I got from a seller
online. The actual bottle is 75ml *if not mistaken*
original price: $65

Kiehl's Ultimate White Brightening Moisturizer
price: CAD$33 *warehouse price*
rating: 10/10
comments: I've seen results in 2 weeks!
No joke! I've been nagging about how ugly my blemishes
and leftover dark spots are on my face.
I've used this and my entire face looks brighter!
I would definitely purchase this again.

Olay age defying revitalizing eye gel
price: CAD$12++
rating: 7/10
comments: meeeh~ It's ok.
I don't see how it really works on my eyes.
Maybe I should store it in the fridge and give it a try.
Should have better effect since it'll be icy cold :D

Lancome Absolue Eye Replenishing Cream
price: $54++ 
rating: 8/10
comments: It's a really small bottle. LOL
It's pretty nice but the cream is a little gooey.
It's like all in paste form. Sort of hard for me to grab
the amount I want. Effects? Better than the Olay one. 

Lancome Genifique Youth Moisturizer
price: Free as gift from purchase
rating: 10/10
comments: Totally in love with this product.
I saw this selling at SEPHORA for $95? (-___-)
Why I love it? Once I apply and massage it onto my
face, this thing absorbs so quick that my face feels
smooth instantly! Like no joke, INSTANTLY.

It's comes with this really cute tube form
Reminds me of the days in the science lab when I
was in elementary school ~aaaah those were the days.

Disclaimer: All products are personally purchased by me.
This is not an advertorial and not a promotion post.


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