Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's my make-up 22/05/2011

 I would like to share what make-up I wear
to my fellow readers :]
I remember last time people used to ask me...
"What make-up do you use?"
and I said eyeliner... LOL
because that was the only thing I used when
I was an amatuer in cosmetics.

But now it's more into the deep :]
So let's start!

I always wash my face first and apply
full skin care products to avoid harms caused by cosmetics

1. Moisturizer (MUST)
to keep my face soft and avoid cracks especially after putting on face powder

2. SPF sunscreen (MUST)
to avoid UV rays and other bad lights

3. Anti Ageing (optional)
I like to put this because.. cosmetics ages my skin
So it's more of like a shield to my pores
plus pores absorbs the nutrients from the skin care~
sort of like avoiding more damage cause to the skin by cosmetics

I always always apply BB cream as my 1st thin layer
of foundation. Because BB cream helps alot in covering
my huge pores, blemishes as well as scars and spots

95% of the items I used on this look is by LANCOME

 Left: Before applying BB cream I applied LA Base
it's a face primer

Center:. Eclat Miracle for highlighting my nose bridge, chin
and higher cheek portions

Right: Waterproof undereye correcting concealer

 Left: Foundation . I always go with my natural tone, never lighter or darker
Right: LANCOME face powder

 This is how the packaging looks like
It gave my face a very clean matte finish
 LANCOME blush
love this blush! Had been using it forever.
Best blush I've ever used
 It's a cream form blush
So I apply this on my foundation before
setting my face with powder
 Left: Maybelline EYESTUDIO cream palette
Right: LANCOME dark brown eyeshadow
 Mascara: by Lancome

 Finish up with healthy lip treat!
Love love love this lip gloss by Bath and Body Works
A little minty feel yet the colour is so natural
More of to the nude colour side

Some pictures to show!
Ouh yah you might be wondering what eyeliner I use
Surprisingly I don't own a Lancome eyeliner. lol~
This gel eyeliner works fine too
Got it from eBay
brandless I think?

My nose is always always always... oily
I did not use to have this kind of thing happening before
If anyone have a remedy to resolve that please let me know! :]
Love to try ~

Til my next post
take care and God Bless


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