Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THOR 3D (movie review)

have you watched THOR?
if not, go and grab some cash now and get tickets!

THOR is like one of the BEST 3D movies I've seen.
not because it's 3D, but the entire plot and the setting of the movie is fantastic

and besides, the main character of the movie, Thor himself is HOT!!
*faints* he's soooooooooo sexy =D

the movie includes battle scenes,
the part i like most is when Thor uses his power with his giant hammer
sooooooooooooooo WOW!~

here I've included some photos of the cast from the movie

Thor himself
I don't know his real-name.
But he's darn hot!

Natalie Portman as Jane

one of Thor's friend in the movie

Beautiful lady...
The Goddess of War

right right? I told you...
look at that setting!
That scene!
Isn't it beautiful!!

wait til you see their kingdom... it's like.. I so wanna live there!

another scene when Thor's in the mortal world.
I'm not going to write the entire description of the movie,
it's best to watch it yourself :)

Just a little intro..
The movie is about a kingdom of good & evil
So the good defeated the evil
then the good king grew older, and had to pass the throne
*it's common in those royalty / kingdom with kings/ prince movies*

so someone betrayed them, traitor.
Thor was a little immature, doesn't know how to handle
His father punished him threw him down to the mortal world with his hammer

Thor's brother started the war because he wants to be the king
and to proof to his father that he can defeat everything.
Jane and Thor sort of liked each other, they kissed

Thor's friends came to the mortal world to get him back to heaven
Some battle went on...
Thor had no choice but to destroy the bridge which can bring anyone
to the mortal world.
So... he actually promised Jane(mortal) that he'll come back for her
but he didn't... because the bridge was destroyed

yup that's all im gonna say.
I think there's going to be a second part for this movie
I HOPE there is! There must be! :)

Overall movie rating 10/10


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