Friday, May 13, 2011

Perfect Skin

 chubby chubz chubz!
my brother called me "char siew pao" in this photo.
If you don't know what that means, it's said in Cantonese,
means pork bun.
Yah i look like pork bun? haha

I'm going to do a new topic about "Today's Make-Up"
I'll blog about which type of cosmetic I use on that particular day~
plus photos of course! So you can see =)
and purchase of course! teeehee

by the way, have you noticed?
I had been suffering from quite severe acne!
If you read my previous posts I think I've mentioned that before

My skin's getting better right? *please say yes* LOL~
that photo above is not photoshopped!
Well all my photos are not photoshopped =_=
so all those what big eyes, chubby cheeks what-so-ever are not fake. hoho

anyway... my mom got me this lately!
I have been eating it for a month and I've seen changes...

wondering what I've been eating? Here it is....

 Perfect Skin vitamin pills!
It really works on me!
The blemishes on my skin are slowly fading away!
Leaving behind those scars and eeeky stuff.

This bottle of pill is inexpensive too
So it's a good way to have good skin
This pink package is for females,
they have another dark blue package for men.

In order to have good skin,
you have to eat healthy and eat the right thing.
Because acne and bad stuff on your face comes from your inner body toxins
By putting on only skin treatment and skin care won't
stop breakouts.
Skin treatments are only to heal the outer epidermis of your skin.

now I'm happy taking photos of myself!

oouhhh I couldn't find photos of cosmetics I use
so far this is the only one I've found..

Lancome Finish Press Powder
this is an amazing product!
feels so soft and supple on my skin
and yes it doesn't clog my pores

ahh yes.
I've been wanting to change my contact lenses...
So I'm still wondering which colour I should choose to wear...


blue or brown?

I homemade these!
These are my dumplings!
Yes! Everything all handmade and created by me =P

 This is the fried version.
Which taste alot crunchier and yummy
 This is the boiled version.
Taste healthier
 Teeheee~ =D

 This is how it looks like after wrapping each and everyone of them up
This is this raw.'s not eatable yet =P

see ya'll next time =D

p/s: all the products are purchased personally
this is not an advetorial blog post
If you want me to blog for you,
please e-mail me at


Sher♥豹纹 said...

how much for the prefect skin health care product??where can I get it in malaysia?>?

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...

It's $29.90 for small size, $49.90 big size at Canada.(I got them at a drug store) Maybe you can try to search at Watsons or any pharmacy/drugstores.

Or you can try purchasing them online. It's all in USD currency. ^___^

Link 1:

I've searched one from eBay too.

Sher♥豹纹 said...

okay..thanks for your info

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