Thursday, August 11, 2011


 ouhhh wow wheeee! Hello again my lovely readers. How are you guys doing today? (^___^)
teeeheee another random post by me about my dinner night out!
so went to Oishi Buffet yesterday with the BF ~~
Reasonable price and excellent freshness of sashimi.

look at it..just look at it isn't it look yummy to you?
well if you love to eat sashimi of course! lol~
ordered salmon, ika (squid), white tuna and surf clam
all of them taste amazing..

at first I hate sashimi so much..I guess it's prolly because the ones I ate back at my hometown wasn't fresh.
Until Sky introduced me to fresh sashimi..and I had been loving it since!.

also ordered Unagi Sushi! yum yum love Unagi with rice
Salmon Lotus Sushi and Salmon Sushi

besides serving sushi and sashimi they serve Chinese food as well
*why hello there half boyfie's face gone and only showing fingers..hmmm*
most of the time we go they always serve the same food again and again. lol
receipy never changes. haha~

ooo look at the freshness of those salmon
how to tell if it's a fresh salmon?
see its colour! you want a bright orange light colour
if the fish looks dark orange..sort of to the brownish side, don't eat it!
it's not fresh no more and has that raw stinky fish smell, which i hate. =|
but Oishi Sushi always serves the fresh and best sashimi. so no worries ^_^

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh yum yum. Salmon Skin Roll
one of the best Rolls in the house!

plus! Don't forget my favourite Miso Soup. I had 2 bowl of this last night ..hehe yummeh!

peeekaboo! a random picture of me on the phone with Sky after sending me home~~hehehe

oh yes see that pair of earring on my ear? It's the latest earring I purchase from eBay
it finally arrived!

and next....yaaaah see that see that? Mr. Penguin on my nails!! hahahaha

konichiwa Mr. Penguin! ^___^

terrible nail art =(
My hands just won't stable!!
my brother said the little penguins on my nails are scary. LOL~
daddy's weird. hahahaha
but oh well I find them kinda...appealing. Only for awhile
Im going to change again! hehe

speaking of penguins. I want to watch Happy Feet 2!
It's simply adorable ! <3


Steph said...

awwwww u LOVE the penguins =D too cuteeeee~

Jen said...

Omg.. the food looks so yummy T____T;; especially the salmon!! :O om nom nom~
Hehe, cuuuuuute <3 i love the penguin nails ^_^ so adorable~~

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