Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to edit Favicon?

So what is Favicon?
Favicon is basically a very small tiny logo which will appear
beside the title of your post.
So Favicon can be seen and used in many blogs, not just blogger.

So today I finally change up my logo into a pink heartshape! teehee~ ^_^

What did I do?
So firstly I went into photoshop and made a heartshape
I didn't really use tools and stuff, I downloaded a font call Hearts and just typed.
Automatically a heartshape pops out! Then I made it Fuschia Pink.

Uploaded my image and made it to 16x16 in size
Then downloaded the JPG and uploaded it on blogger!
woola! It's just that simple and easy

So in case you don't know where to Edit your Favicon
Just go here...

 Yes, it should be at your settings page.

After all that's done,
this is how my favicon looks like after...

The heartshape is my new logo. YAY! ^__^
The B logo is the common favicon logo.

I hope this mini tutorial helps
Good Luck and lemme see ya favicon!! :P


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