Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini Haul + My current nail design

Hey everyone!
I know it's been a long long long long time since I made a blog post!
How long was it..err a few months? Ohh my!
I should be ashame of myself for not posting any new stuff up here >_<

But anyway,
I have some new fresh things up on post today ^_^

 my current nail art design
*right hand*

 this is my left hand design
sort of inspired by japanese nail art
I've always LOVE japanese nail art
especially the HIME and GYARU ones ^_^

below are the ingredients used:

 clear nail polish
glittery pink nail polish
white nail polish

 large pink rhinestones

 smaller pink rhinestones

 some metal beads

 pink glitter cosmetic powder

Below is a mini haul
stuff I got from eBay

 4 Hearts 2 ring loops metal ring $1.49

 Black Opal Ring $0.99

 Antique Pocket Watch $3.55

 it's actually a real clock! no joke~

 9k real white gold & Swarovski Crystal ear studs $3.99
*won this in a bid*

 I got this pair from an asian mall

handmade this pair of earrings by myself
Blue Swarovski crystal with wings earrings

I guess that's it for today
I will definitely post more in the future

Good luck!


Momo (。・x・) said...

Cute nail, please do my nails as well
i don't have time at all ><

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