Monday, August 8, 2011


 konichiwa! ^-^
ooo yeaaa kyaaa I'm finally actively back on blogger!
haha missh me misssh me? *^-^*
ok cut the crap of acting cute. lol

anyway, i'm finally back to my a little GYARU style after
having some long long chat with amanda [my long long friend]
we are still loving the gyaru style
well I didn't STOP loving Gyaru. Probably just some issues
but anyhow, like my new pic? :]

I got tired of my long bangs so I cut it
and made it..younger looking. haha!

went to downtown on Saturday with my dear
had korean BBQ and had ice-cream!!
yay ^_^v

coffee+snickers+choco chip+oreo cookies icecream
guess how much is cost?
a little expensive for me tho. $10.62
yup yup. but it's darn delicious!

 this is the store's name
you can choose a variety of flavours and toppings
and mixing! They will mix it up for you
like my ice-cream. It's not just simple coffee flavoured

walked around downtown after and saw an event going on
I think it was a Filipino bazaar. Saw many filipinos and pinoy food
Looks very yummy ;D but my tummy was too full!

 lucky me took a sudden snap shot of a large tv
with chinese words displayed. "WELCOME"

went to GUESS shop
I wanted a wallet for awhile.
Got deadly convinced by my bf to get one
coz he said the wallet I was using is a lil kiddish =__=
because it has a teddy bear on it and it's pink...but I thought it was cute!

but anyway, this is the wallet I got

oooo pretty pretty ^-^

so many compartments for me to locate my cards
*sounded as if I have many credit cards. LOL
no I don't :p

you pay for what you get
the quality is pretty good
I wouldn't wanna get a wallet which worns out quick! :O

I went to Ardene's as well
I picked 2 handbags for school
since currently they are having a BUY 1 FREE 1 event
so it was $20++ with 2 bags ^_^

first brownie one
always wanted this
I would hang a little something dangly at the sides

and this one which really gives the school girl look
ooo when I paid at the cashier, the salesigirl wouldn't stop looking at me O_o
I have no idea why.
I thought there's something on my face
She looked at my every single move
when I take my wallet, my money, my fingers, my eyes, my face
oh my I freaked out a lil. LOL.

stayed at home for the entire night cooking
curry beef balls for bf!
yah curry beef balls tastes amazing!
don't misinterprete that being a disgusting dish . lol
well my friend did O_O

yesterday night i got hungry
no dinner for me
so i made myself a simple sandwich

healthy 50 cals per piece bread x2
50 cals ham x2
lettuce x2
3 olives
1 tbp mayo
i guess it's around.. less than 300cals?
yea i'm counting my calories now! im being healthy! :]

and lastly..a chubby chubby picture of me ~_~
bf said I look like 12years old.
Do i really? teeheee


Jen said...

The ice cream & waffle look so yummy T____T;;
Omgg, LOVE the new wallet :O A mega hit to the money bank though! Loving the nails you have too ^_^

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