Thursday, August 18, 2011

SaSa Haul + Miscellaneous

Hello everyone! Yes finally my SaSa products has finally arrived! ^_^
Happy happy! To be frank the shipping didn't take long, I was surprised it arrived 10days after?
So the above picture shows all the products I purchased from
They stated that if you spend $75 and more you'll get Free Shipping. So I might as well spend more than that. Even though I didn't spend that much, the items I chose were too many! LOL! I just can't resist myself from choosing those mouthwatering skin care products. teeeheee~

So let's move onto the introduction of the products I purchased...

Essential Hair Care Products
I'm sure most of you heard of this brand before! Especially for hair care lovers!
I've heard so much news about this lovely hair care line. Heard that it's awesome and works miracles.
So I gave it a try, bought 4 of the items.
When I open my parcel box, oh wow the scent, smells so good!! *_*
The scent lasted in the box for days! haha~ yup no joke.
The only thing I wasn't really happy about it the size of the shampoo and conditioner
In the picture it looks huge, like it has alot. But when I took it out, it's just a small bottle. 200ml
Sorry no I can't measure ml or liters.hehe~ It was more like a travel size shampoo+conditioner.

I've tried all 3 of the products except for the hair mask. Amazingly, my hair smells so good and so moisturized! oohh yay! :]

I'm happy that this hair mask actually came in quite a reasonable size!
I got the yellow one. Actually wanted to get the Pink one but it's always out of stock! :[
So I had to get all yellow ones. Oh well it's still okay to me! Just the colour's different.

next item is C+M eye cream. I got many C+M products! The price is unbelievably inexpensive and I saw the comments from buyers; stating that C+M products are pretty good and works very well!
I'm a huge fan of eye creams. Since I apply alot of eye make-up plus it hurts the eyes. Eye cream is so so so important! Please remember this! Protect your eyes. Treat and pamper it! :]

C+M Rose Water
This is for....hydrating your face after applying make-up. It's like a final finish spray for your make-up to last and stay longer. Smells fabulous! Rose scent. Very cooling and refreshing.

some range of products I chose. The one on the most right. *in blue* is facial wash almost by C+M

C+M products again. 24hr Super hydrating gel creme. Haven't try this yet but will do so later on.
Another eye cream made out of Green Tea for dark under eye circles.

C+M sunscreen. This was on sale for almost 50% off! So I just grabbed it. :]
Never go out under the sun without any SPF lotion. It is sooo important because you don't want to damage your skin from sun rays. UV rays and bad rays!

Hadalobo Cosmetic Water and PDC Face Wash
the one of the left works like a toner, apply after washing your face and before you put on makeup
Very satisfied with the size of these 2 products. Fair for the price and came in a large portion. Worth the buy
Aloe Vera cooling cream and IsQueen Olive Pimpless Night Cream
tried both of this products. Both are really good products! The Aloe Vera is so cooling and feels smooth and nice on my skin. I use the Pimples Night Cream at night before I go to bed. The next day I wakeup I can tell that the pimples on my face it's either pop-ed or dried up. Really good stuff.

Make-On Gel
This is like a primer. Apply before applying foundation on your face. Tried this once and love it! The portion is quite huge. Very thick consistency and might last very long.

I got some slimming products too.
A pair of slimming socks for my huge tighs. LOL and also a slimming massage cream

Free sample product for every purchase! Very awesome. I know!
The other day I checked-out and they were giving our Free Vitacreme B13 Samples! I was so darn happy until they told me that some products on my list are out of stock. :[

so yea I waited a few days after. Then I guess the Vitacreme free sample got out of stock! But oh well I got a free lip balm instead :]

So these 2 products. I didn't get the from SaSa. In fact I got these 2 from Wal-Mart
Yup Yup! I tried one of their mask, Avocado+Oatmeal. I love it! If you want to try one just go to the beauty isle and check the nail care/ nail polish section. They usually put it on the side cabins!

The fact that I say that these masks works miracle on me it's really does! lol~
ok firstly the price is inexpensive. Really it's not expensive but it works on me!
I've tried both of these and both of them works fine. Cucumber peel off masks is so cool to play with. After it's dry and when you peel if off you can see the oil and dirt on the sheet. *eeek!* I know!~
Chocolate and Strawberry Mask. If you like chocolate, don't buy this. I'm afraid you will lick off all the chocolate! lol just kidding :P
But yea it smells soooooo nice and sweet! I just felt like eating it! *grrroooooow*

I went to Sears too and saw this pair of cute sandals. Plus, they were on sales too! Almost half the price. So I just got it. Haven't got the chance to wear it yet. Kinda hard to find a matching outfit for it.

There were two colours, black and red. I like the red one but sadly only one pair left and it's size 7. I'm a size 8.5 - 9. Yah I know huge feet! But I like. hoho!~

That's it for now. Hope you guys enjoyed my little Haul post.
Post for more later on! Keep reading! ^_^

Take care and God Bless


Steph said...

sweeet sasa haul =D did you get the over $49 free shipping??? (limited summer special) because canada is $100 -_-'

anyways i'm done with sasa... if i can't find the stuff i want then they're my last last last choice... the site hates me and the SAs in the stores were so mean =[ lol sorry for ranting =p

the peel off cucumber masks sounds good and gross (in a good way)

&& the shoes are darling =] has a bit of a nautical feel ~

p.s if you want to try some vitacreme i can squeeze some in a sample bottle for you when we meet up ^^ ps I LOVE IT!!!

Jen said...

Omg, such a nice sasa haul!
I'm making mine next week! HAHA :D

Those peel off masks look good.. please do a review on them once you've had time to try them out? (or link me to your blog post if you've already done so??)

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