Friday, September 9, 2011

eBay haul+gifts+haul

Hello lovelies! Sorry for not posting up anything lately!
School just reopen and I already had 2 projects! Wow can you believe that!
But still I'll try to make an effort on posting more things up here.
So let's all share the joy of items I received in my mail-box in the past couple of weeks :)

first stop. Mini earring racks from eBay
love the fact that these mini earring racks are perfect for my ear studs
I'm currently into ear studs now instead of the long dangly ones

A close-up picture. As you can see I have quite a few earstuds. I'm still trying to clean up some of them
There are still many ear studs in my jewelry box.hehe :)

bottom falsies. I am amazed by how the package arrived perfectly in shape!
Last time I bought a box of falsies and the box came in all out of shape and some of the eyelashes were broken. Oh well! Contacted the seller and they told me to send it back to them and they'll change for me
I didn't do it because it'll be too much of a cost. Shipping cost is more expensive than the product itself!'s the lovely bottom falsies. Looks like the dolly wink ones eh? :)
very simple and pretty. I haven't try using them though. I still need to get a new eyelash glue. Currently using a black eyelash glue I purchased at my local asian mall. Anyone recommend a good glue?

The other day I went to WINNERS and saw this very cute hair curler. Plus it was on sale!

I've never heard of this brand before. Have you guys heard it before? Neo Twister
I'm super impressed with the packaging of the product. Love the design and colours. Plus, it's fuschia Pink!
My favourite colour~teeheee =P

So after dinner today I went to my besties house - Amanda
Got there to get some school books from her
and she gave me some goodies! It was superb nice of her to do so! Thank you!!! =D 

here are the items she gave me~I was surprised when I was a mini pack of Pocky in the bag. haha!
Ohh the one on the left are those hair curling balls which were quite trendy some time ago.

two lipsticks from Rimmel London

Left - Crush ; Right - Vintage

Nudge Lipgloss from Japan

Super nude colour. Love it! Best for a Gyaru and heavy eye makeup

White colour eye cream base by Crown [Japan] 
Eyelid Base Primer [ProSays]

China Glaze and OPI nail polishes

Esprique Precious Mascara and falsies

First time had a purple glittery mascara. Hmmm..should be fun for a tutorial fantasy look?

Shiseido foundation- mini bottle

came across Shopper Drug Mart and this gel eyeliner was on sale. This is water and smudge proof
I've tried it on once when I went out clubbing and yes it does work fine! The eyeliner lasts entirely :)

also I'm loving the brush given. Small and precise tip point for extra define eye line.

see how intense the colour is? It comes in dark brown, charcoal and other colours as well.
But I'm more into super dark eyeliners. I tried rubbing the gel liner with my fingers and water. Failed.
haha! Which means it a good news! It does work like what's stated

last item....
Swarovski white gold pink flower ring
love love love super love this ring!

That's about it for today I hope you all enjoyed my haul!
Abit long and pictures packed. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by ~



Jen said...

Such a cute eBay haul! especially love the ring ^^

Michiko Kawashi said...

thanks love~ ^_^

Steph said...

love the earring racks!!! too cute =]
aand the curler looks pretty darn awesome ~

sweet haul =] ohhh amanda i know ?

p.s love your new header, too cute~

Michiko Kawashi said...

thanks love~~~ (^___^)
yes the Amanda we know! haha

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