Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy MoonCake Festival

hello!! Did you guys know that yesterday was the Chinese mooncake festival? :)
I don't really know the ancient myth behind this festival but whenever this day arrives, family members will gather and have dinner together. After dinner, mooncakes are served with hot tea and children will play lighted lanterns outside at night. Sounds fun eh?

mooncake for the day. Dad said the mooncake prices will go down to half the price after the festival's over

it means real and delicious red bean
this is one of the mooncake flavours

double egg yolk with lotus paste
this is also another flavour

I was the one cutting XD
cut it into 4 pieces because there's only 4 people yesterday

red bean paste mooncake slice
it comes with a mini fork too! how cute :D

this is the double egg yolk..why egg yolk? It symbolizes "moon"
the egg yolk is from the duck's salted egg (it's a chinese thing) :P

family dinner time! Dad made all of these wonderful and delicious dishes~yum yum!

thai style fried fish

pork ribs~ these are super yummy!

mix vegetable hot pot
and for sure after dinner we had our mooncake and lovely hot tea! =)

speaking of haul...
my nail art DIY has finally arrived! After a month of long waiting, I filed a complain to the seller and he stated that there was some shipping problem at China.

well the good thing is my item arrived. I bought a pair of earrings from another seller and took her so long to deliver my item. First attempt after a month, I haven't receive my item and she said she will resend my item to me. On the 2nd month same thing happen, I filed for a refund immediately. Yet she asked for a positive feedback from me. hmm.
Anyhow, the photo above shows the nail art box and how its shape is after some trauma at the shipping customs. You poor thing =(

oh well eventhough the box itself is all squished and not nice, I don't really care as long as the content is still good for me. All I want is the inside! hehe

opened the box and they have 2 flyers, 1 is for instructions and the other is the various nail art designs you can choose from

taaaddaaa!~ so here are the items in the box, pretty eh?

they come in 5 different nail art plates, they even have a hello kitty one! * no photo * 
...and this is the tool for making the nail art happen! woohoo~!

rainbow colours nail polishes

and last but not least...

nyahahahaha excuse me for my ugly nail designs! XD
and ignore that 2nd finger will ya? lol.
well it was my first time trying that DIY thing and this is how the result turn out to be
pretty okay right?
except that I need to grow my nails longers and practice that machine!!

that's it for today I hope you guys have a great day and til mah next post

Good Luck


h.Emiru said...

Geeez, I love moon cakes, I've been to The festival In tokyo several times. though its not in china... kekeke

And The Nail art machine look fancy! :o


Steph said...

I used to like mooncakes, regular and "bing pei" but lately they don't seem to match my taste buds =p

OMG foood, damn your dad is such a good cook, everything looks so good and pretty~ I'm coming over for dinner ~ lol

too bad you didn't get your earrings... I hope they come in eventually, that's not nice of the seller to ask for a positive review when you didn't even get your product >< but wicked nail stamp machine thing, i have the regular one... all manual =[ lol

Jen said...

omg.. mooncakes.. om nom nom. I hate how they're SUPER expensive before & during the festival D:
The food looks amazing! hope you had a great celebration with your family~

Is that nail art worth it? :/ After a month or two.. and coniditon of the packaging? Im contemplating getting some nail plates.. You should try bornprettystore.com - cheap & free shipping anywhere in the world :3

SJ said...

Lovee mooncakes :) and those dishes looks so delicious!! wish i could cook like this :) u r a lucky girl!

Btw cute nails.. the flowes makes it pretty :)

Follow me back @ http://fromsjtoyou.blogspot.com :)

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