Monday, October 24, 2011

23102011- Hotpot Gathering

the future Graphic Designers! Yesh we are all asians. ;)
Had a gathering at Jack's place yesterday. Hotpot dinner!

We went to LCBO and got some beer and then the supermarket to get some food stuff 

Friends busy preparing stuff

we got tons of food! Look as if it's too little? We only finished quarter portion of the section yesterday!
That fed all 6 of us. ;) Another friend came late so didn't get the chance to take a snap shot of her :|

SAPPORO beer anyone? It was my first time drinking sapporo beer and to my surprise it actually taste
pretty good. Abit less of the bitterness compare to other leading brand beers.

Had some really thick and nice tea as well

Saw toy figures on the shelf and was pretty amazed by his collections! Very adorable things ;)

aaahh yesh miao miao! The kitty cats =3 
nope, not only one. He have 4 different cats at home! 3 of them are super chubby and 1 is tiny

Joe washing lobsters. He was so professional. The lobsters tasted awesome btw =)
Probably because it was fresh from the market. 

Almost ready to eat~still waiting for the last friend to join us. 
We watched 10mins of the starting of INCEPTION the movie. Then everyone got hungry
and just started cooking. Ended up leaving the movie behind and began hot-potting!

Mongolian hotpot soup base. Super awesomness :D
half spicy and half plain. 

Had loads of fun outta school with schoolmates
Got home around 10.45pm~ tired tired tired


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