Wednesday, October 26, 2011

251011 + Johnny English Reborn

 *Look of the day* 
very simple and natural. My eyes were super tired due to starring at the computer screen for multiple hours
Yeap my school work requires me to stare at the computer for at least 3hrs to get a piece of work done. lol
aaah have I forgotten to mention that I was using my old Canon camera yesterday? =D
My old classic baby Canon, bought it in 2008 and started blogging with it
Now I've changed to a DSLR, this baby can relax a lil because I only use it for my YouTube videos ;)

Btw, that's my brother behind me.
We were getting ready to watch a movie yesterday. 
Somehow we brainstormed on what movie to watch, firstly Paranormal Activity 3 then Johnny English Reborn
hmmm~we got (+) and (-) comments on Paranormal so we were superb unsure whether we should watch it or not. But in the end we've decided to go for Rowan Atkinson's. 

My bro drove so we went to pick his friend Vito up before we head to the theatres.
It was raining heavily. Yea so much for a good night-out. Don't really fancy the rain when I had to go out
Unless I get to stay home and enjoy the breeze! 

Theatre number 3 ;)
We were lucky enough to find a parking slot. Usually it's very busy and you'll never get a spot.
But yes I have to say that we were super lucky to get one which is also close enough to the theatres entrance

=== Movie Review ===

So if you guys watched the first Johnny English you will definitely 
know that this is a half serious and half comedy movie.
Unlike any other comedies which doesn't have any story line,
Johnny English preserved its classic with a very interesting and exciting story line.

Plus, what's the best you can get from a movie with awesome story line + comedy?

There were so many funny scenes. 
Audience in the cinema were laughing most of the time. 

Besides jokes, there's also ACTION!
which I find it pretty incredible on how they set it. 
 Johnny English is smart ;)

Yet more funny scenes. 
I couldn't stop laughing on this scene.
I can say that it's one of the best scene that I favour most. LOL~

This is also another scene which made the audience laugh to the max

If you haven't watch it, please do so.
If you are a person who loves comedy movies I really suggest you watching this ;)
Movie rating : 10/10

yup that's how high the score goes. Full points! Yes that's how good the movie is. 
I had been watching Rowan Atkinson's movies; he's famous for Mr. Bean
Now I just can't wait for the next Johnny English...if there's more in the future
I hope they will.

Last but not least...

my new contact lenses! =O
Looks similar to the Geo Nudy Brown right?
Yea it's quite similar but there's a black large ring on the outside
so it made my eyes look somewhat bigger compare to Nudy Brown.
This is the Barbie Eyes series. 

thanks for reading
have a great day 


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