Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 *pic heavy*

Hey lovelies! *peace*
how do you like my new photo? Took it a few days ago ^_^
How are you all doing? 
I know I always ask this question, it's because I'm always M.I.A for a long period of time.
Okay, I admit that I'm superb busy with school work especially when it's my final year in college. 
Especially when it's 1.14am right now, I finally can spend at least 10 minutes of my time to blog 
about something. Well just to keep this blog running right?
So this will be a super long post, not in the sense that I type alot, but picture heavy!
I like to take pictures, for are more than words ;)

So please don't mind me, below here are a few random photos took a few weeks ago
From shopping and eating out~ 

new top Sky bought me!
He said it looks good on me ~teehee
Maybe I should wear it and take a pic for you guys so that you have an idea how it looks

ahhh yesh, it's by Jessica Simpson! Love her design and style

the material is super comfy and good quality
it was worth the buy especially when there's sales

I had been waiting to get a skirt like this and I finally this black baby from Forever21
It looks a little bohemian and Japanese fashion as well
Which totally suits my taste! ^_^

Love the extra dangly beads and string added on each sides

again this material is amazingly comfortable and heavy in weight
I tend to think that heavy skirts are better quality ones.
Or am I wrong?

Next section 

So this is one of my favourite drinks of all
"Shirley Temple"

Food! Nyahahaha I love to eat ^_^
*the BF's order on the right*

ouh ouh and of course must not forget ~
one of my favourite Korean restaurant near my living area.
They serve quite a few number of appetizers, which I love the most!
*yum yum*
hello again boyfie's half gone body and head... LOOOOOOL I always feel so bad for not taking his entire head.. he doesn't like taking photos anyways.. hmm =(

and this dish definitely have to try it.
I think the name is "Bulgogi" which consist of marinated beef sirloins
This picture above is a shot before the beef is cook

comes with a free tofu seafood soup too!

and taaadaa~ time to num num in!
The beef is done and smells superb tasty!

See you all in my next post ;)
For those are in college/university/schooling

Good Luck in school projects and take care


Anonymous said...

cute~~! u look really adorable XD
gosh the food makes me hungry ><
love ur jacket btw! ^^

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