Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

*four red packets for this year,it's getting lesser & lesser each year*

Hello everyone! 
Happy Chinese New Year 2012!!
this year is the year of the Dragon. I'm here to wish you all have a prosperous Dragon year ahead and may all of your dreams and wishes come true! 

祝福大家新年快乐! 我在这里祝大家有一个美好己隆盛的龙年!~心想事成!

So how was your CNY celebration? For the Chinese people all around the world.
I'm still in Toronto so like always, there's nothing much happening around. 
Not to say no open-houses and gatherings. There's not even a single decoration at Asian malls
I didn't feel the ambience at all. Unlike my hometown. 

So for Chinese New Year Eve... dad made dinner and invited Uncle Eddie over for a mini gathering!
*as usual like any other everyday Sky came over earlier to keep me accompany and join the fun! ^_^


 Sweet & Sour Crabs

 Chicken Soup

 Chinese Marinated Sausage

 Fried vegetable (Choi Sum)

 Roasted Pork

So much yummy food on CNY eve! All fhe yummy food were prepared by my dad himself!
So delicious~ * I think I gained weight* lol

On 1st day of CNY

daddy made food again....
Yah it is our tradition that we must have a lot of food on the table
I think it means bringing prosperous luck... each dish represents different meaning

Nyonya Fish (Malaysian style) 

  Mushroom with mussels and broccoli

 Roasted Duck

Two days of straight EPIC MEAL. That was indeed fulfilling and I had so much great food in 2 days!
Woooh!~ Yesterday went to an open house party. Aunt Kelly's house again! Teehee~
mama and papa told me to bring boyfie along~~the aunties and uncles likes him alot... I think maybe it's because he's from Shanghai and...the rest of the Malaysians to it? LOL

 I think I've mentioned before that Aunt Kelly's family is vegetarian.
So everything on the table is vegetarian. No meat at all. Still it's super delicious!

Say hi to Lok Lok 乐乐 
One of Aunt Kelly's Persian Cat. He's super friendly and super cute!

The only decoration found so far in Toronto. Now this is the feel of CNY!
Back at my hometown all the Chinese will definitely decorate their homes, all filled with red and gold colours
Oh if you have no idea where I'm from, I'm originally from Malaysia (^___^)

Guess what I found on the decorated shelf....
1 Trillion US Dollar??!! and 2 Malaysian Ringgit
WHOA.....that's just super cool!

Dessert time!! I never overtake on the first meal because I know that there's so much yummy desserts for me to have after dinner. See that grandma on the right? I call her popo(grandma) 
She speaks my dad's native language so sometimes when she talks to me, I have no idea how to reply her.
haha~she's super cute too!!

ppssss one more uncle~he's super funny...came over and asked me..WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED??!! I was like...hmm I don't know..LOL *shys face* Yah the thing is that Sky and I had been together for almost 2 years now...hehehehehe

all the Malaysian dessert... so yummy!! Super super yummy..and this is how I gained weight. lol. 

and finally....a photo of myself from the party

naaah I didn't really wear alot of makeup yesterday. (^___^)

til my next post~ I've prepared something new for you guys to read on.

Good Luck and God Bless!


Bunny said...

Happy New Year! Wow so much yummy food(❂◡❂) Hope you had a fun celebration~.

Kimson Kam said...

Happy CNY :)

Maria May said...

The food looks amazing! And i would have notices i was vegetarien at all! It looks too good to even think about meat XD

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