Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Final Day of Chinese New Year

2 days ago was the final day of Chinese New Year
duing Chinese New year we have to take this dish
this dish is only recognized in Malaysia
This dish is call "Lou Sang".

They don't have it here in Canada so my dad had to make everything all by himself, from scratch.
What's in this dish?
Coloured fried yam sticks (red and green), carrots, cucumber, 
seaweed, pomelo chunks, radish, jellyfish, keropok(malaysian word), raw salmon (optional)

we also need 2 packets of seasoning inside a Red Packet, it means bringing good luck & prosperity
Lemon or lime to taste, some olive oil and another specially made sauce

The feast in the afternoon. We had 2 feasts because Uncle Eddie came over at night

 This is the keropok, my dad mixed in some Doritos to make it tastier 

Lime and raw salmon

Fried Chicken

Mussels mushroom broccoli 

This is the keropok daddy made. He used dumpling skin! Super crunchy and yummy!

The mixing process starts~putting all the seasoning inside

and all of us who are sitting on the table take their own chopsticks and start mixing together
while mixing it you have to speak good words like : Good health all year long etc.
While mixing this with a pair of chopsticks, we have to mix it real high in the air.
The higher it goes, the better. But make sure you don't spill everything off the table...haha!

after mixing~ we all just dip in and enjoy the feast! (^___^)

Wish everybody have a prosperous Dragon year ahead!


Maria May said...

The food looks aaaamazing! I can't barely put words on it *O* OMGG!!

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...

Yesssh! They are super yummy!! ^o^ hehe~~

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