Sunday, January 15, 2012

Package from the UK

It finally snowed in Toronto! It was a little delay for this year's winter
There were NO snow at all and I felt so comfy wearing thick winter jacket and no boots
whenever I go out. When there's snow the terror exist (-_____-)
I don't like walking on snow especially on ice slush. Ice slushie is nice to eat but NO it's not nice to walk on.

Anyway...I got a package from the UK! (^___^)
Rinni held a giveaway on Circle Lenses and a secret mini prize pack from her
I was shocked that I'm the winner for the mini prize pack!
She contacted me through Twitter and the package arrive 2 weeks after

It's my first time getting a package from Royal Mail!! (^____^)
*hah! sucker* (-__-)" yah I know I love the UK. 

she included a few small items in the package

falsies~which I think it's best for Halloween

because of the white bubble pearls on the tips!
I can't possible wear this out on a normal day out.
Or can I actually? hmmmm.....

Hair Velcro ~ I'm sure everybody is familiar with this (^___^)

Lifecella eye mask

N07 Exfoliator

Saw this brand at drugstores but haven't tried them before
Going to give it a try soon 

No, this wasn't included in the package. LOL
I bought this with my own hard cash~

H2O facial care product
Going to do a review on this very soon so stay blogged! ;)


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