Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Japanese Mochi

I love Mochi! Who doesn't? (^__^)
Mochi is one of the best yummy chewy dessert ever created!
Here I am going to talk about this Mochi pack purchased lately.
It comes with 5 different flavours
Black sesame, green tea, black bean, taro and peanut butter

The one I have here is Black Sesame
Look how cute it is!
It's fully coated with roasted sesame on the outside
As for the inside.....

Hmmm~~a lot of black sesame fillings!!
I am personally not a big fan of black sesame 
but this one taste totally different!
Plus, the mochi is super chewy and the texture is pretty good~

Here's how the packaging look like

I just finished the 1st row and on my 2nd row right now~
Looks like I still have a long way to go! lol....

I can say that the Mochi size is very reasonable
It's not over big or too small

This is how the packaging looks~
900g, quite a huge pack
Got this from a local Asian supermarket, T&T (Toronto, Canada)
It's around $6.99

-Have a great day-


Bunny said...

Looks so yummy~!

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...

ooo trust me it is super yummy (^__^)

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