Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BB cream haul + review + circle lenses

Konichiwa lovelies! How are you guys doing? Remember the small parcel I showed you all in my last couple of blog entry? It's finally here! I'm going to blog about it close to the end of this post (^__^)

Are you kidding me. I've never bought anything from that high-end store
But I will someday~there will be a time! teeehee~
Anyway, it's just a sexy fuschia pink bag. Inside that bag contains......

Yah all of these beautiful cosmetics

Sky actually bought all these things for me and gave me a surprise. He bought it from a girl everything for CAD$30. She's super nice that she gave freebies as well!

Thank you so much (^____^) 

I've always wanted to try these BB creams but they are a bit too pricey for me. So happy that it's so much cheaper. Got it for almost 50% off the original price? 
*no I'm not cheap, I'm sure everybody loves cheap and good quality things*

Product 1

Skin 79 Diamond Collection
Sun protection Balm Moist SPF 50 PA+++

The packaging is super cute! As you all know that I adore the colour pink so much! 
The packaging is just simply lovely


Once I open the container, there are so many layers! It is protected well.
I have no idea why they made so many layers but it is kinda different I guess?

Ok now this is the most shocking part. When I open the container, only a quarter of the product is sitting inside like a hard cake. I was like.. "WHAT?!"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

I thought it was some kinda prank or joke. Spent so much but got leftovers?!
Excuse me for being lame, because it was my first time trying this product. So I have no idea if it was produce that way or it's really just leftovers.

However, I started using it a week ago I found out that it's actually not. By using very little of it with the given sponge, it already helped cover my entire face. So I guess it has very thick consistency. 

It is very pretty I have to say. I love the smell and the colour.  

The overall effect whitens my skin and gives it a glow. I would suggest you to apply moisturiser before using it and foundation after. It stays on too white on my face.

Michiko's Rating Counter
Moisture: 7/10
Level of application: Easy/Medium/Hard
Coverage: Low/Medium/High

❣Contains SPF 50 which is awesome for protecting your face
❣Light texture and pearl effect for natural glowing skin

❣Too cakey
❣ Tends to dry up really fast on face causing flakes 
❣Doesn't help with oily T-Zone (bad for oily prone skin)

Product 2

 Skin 79 Lovely Girl BB Cream



This is so far the best BB cream I've tried compare to the other leading brands. 
Skin 79 has the best coverage by far. 

Michiko's Rating Counter
Moisture: 9/10
Level of application: Easy/Medium/Hard
Coverage: Low/Medium/High

❣Light and good coverage for skin. Covers all flaws, blemishes and huge pores
❣Light texture made skin look super natural

❣Too white for face (need to blend your own foundation with it)
❣ Doesn't contain SPF (won't protect you from the sun)
❣Doesn't help with oily T-Zone (bad for oily prone skin)

Product 3

FREEBIES from the seller. Super nice of her!

Product 4

More Freebies! I've tried this Shiseido black mud mask before. It's super good.
It pulls out all the impurities, dirt from the roots of your pores and you can see chunks of disgusting yellow / white stems? LOL~ Ok I should stop being disgusting.

Product 5

About 2 weeks ago I received a parcel! *yay*
I bought a pair of circle lenses from Fobby Barbie Shop
They were having a massive sales on circle lenses and best thing of all, FREE SHIPPING

The package came in really neat and tidy
Guess what pair of lenses I got?

Princess MiMi Grey! The one created by Tsubasa Masuwaka
I've always wanted to try that pair of lenses and now I finally got it!  (^__^)

But the packaging is somewhat different..hmmm...

I haven't try them on because I still have many lenses to wear!
The only thing I'm confused about is why didn't they give me a contact lenses case
I thought it was suppose to come together with a clear plastic case but nope.

Oh well.
I'll see you all on my next entry
Take care.


Chococcuro said...

Princess Mimi grey are like my all time fav lens!! You should try them soon!!

darkyberryish said...

LOVE YOUR REVIEW! I never saw that BB Cream before ! I think of buying it because I need a very bright one :O. Try to use Waterdrop BB Creams or Jelly BB Creams they helpd me out with the oily T Zone problems! I also recommend you to use a powder to set the BB Cream ,that's very effective too !

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