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Estee Lauder Skincare review

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I my very last proper blog entry.
How is everybody doing? (^__^)

I had to deal with a lot of things this past two months!
(I'll get to that later on)

Today's post is
Estee Lauder skincare review!
First of all this is not a sponsored post.
All the products were purchased personally by Sky!

It all happen one day about a month ago when we were shopping at the mall with my parents,
All of a sudden Sky went to the Estee Lauder counter at The Bay and asked the salesperson for advices
Well not for himself (he doesn't use skincare) 
He asked for me because he wanted me to get good skin. *Super sweet of him*

Now let's get into the products...

Just a quick shoutout, I have oily and acne prone skin.
I kept on getting acne from lack of sleep, unhealthy food and stress.
I had a little discolouration on my skin as well, left over blemishes and marks from previous acne.

So the salesperson introduced this entire package specially for oily skin.

consist of face wash, face toner, serum illuminator, moisturiser and night serum(mini sample) 

Step 1

Sparkling Face Cleanser
It comes with a pump for easy usage 
Whenever I use this on my face, it feels very fresh and a little tingly 

This is how it looks like inside.
 The cleanser itself is in a gel consistency so I usually mix it with a little warm water to form foam

Step 2

Face Toner
This toner is absolutely fantastic.
Why so?
Because it comes with 2 layers. 
A layer of good liquid and another bottom layer of fine powder for absorbing oil on your skin

See the obvious layers? 

The salesperson suggest me to shake the bottle really well and
mix the layers together.
So this is how it looks like after the shake-a-bum-bum ;)

Step 3

Advanced Night Repair serum
This is just a sample bottle size
The salesperson gave me as a gift and wanted me to try out to see if I like it or not.
To be honest, it's an awesome serum. 

The colour is just like any other serum. 
You can see that the bottle's almost empty!
Proofs that how good this product is (^o^)

Step 4

The very famous Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator 
What can I say about this. I'm sure many of you have seen this ad on tv
Since I have blemishes and uneven skintone, the salesperson suggested me
to use this product to fade away the unwanted stuff.

The bottle is really tiny and I only use it like a small pea size
because...I don't know. I have a temptation of saving good stuff. Lol!!
Please don't mind me (-3-)

And this is the inside....
woot woot! Really superb good stuff I have to say
The serum is very smooth and glides well on my skin. 
The colour is just like a pearl, with marble shining particles.

Step 5

Clear Difference Moisturiser

This is the final step for the daily skin care routine
It functions as a daily moisturiser
The only con about this product is that it doesn't work as a sunscreen
So that's why I have to use an oil-free sunscreen.
Yes I can't stress myself enough, sunscreen is indeed very important to apply onto your face
before you step out of your home.

To protect your skin from sun damage! 

Here's the inside.
Very light and moisturising moisturiser.
My face doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all

Judging time!

Overall skincare rating: 10/10
Saw results in just 3 days
Face oily T-Zone: The entire skincare package helped my face stay matte for at least 6 hours
(I'm not kidding, it really does)

For the price of this package, I think it's quite worth it.
Had been using this for the past 1 month 
This skincare might suite me but it doesn't mean that it suites everybody else

You have to find which type of skin you have and go with the flow

See you all soon
Take care & God Bless


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