Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday & Graduation!!

Hello everyone! Recently I've just been really busy working on my summer job
cleaning up things and many other VVIT to do. 

*vvit stands for very very important things*

I'm GRADUATED!! (^__^)
after these 3 long years of striving hard work I'm now officially a Graphic Designer

ouh ouh just a heads up, this is going to be quite a long post, with lots of pictures!
so graduation was held a week before my birthday~

I was thinking.. hmm I shouldn't wear heels because my feet will definitely hurt to the max. 
So instead I wore a 2 inch heel. Feels alot more comfortable.
As what I expected, the organizers made all of us stand for 2 whole hours backstage;
with our gowns. It wasn't that bad after all ^_^

Here's a photo with the heels! teeehee~

 pinky pink rose flowers from Sky~ *loves loves* ^-^
So pretty~~~ooooooohhhh flowers

I was also expecting to be wearing a hood, you know that square thing on top of our heads when we graduate. Well..we didn't get one =(
The ceremony wasn't long, it only took 2 hours for 3 graduating faculties. 
After graduation - reception with sushi, cakes, cookies and cheese. 

Didn't really take any pretty photos. But it's okay, memories kept in the head =D

One week after....

Happy Birthday!!! 
another year had passed and I'm one year older
had to work on my birthday~~ but I got off work early just to get home soon for dinner ^-^

I wasn't expecting any birthday gifts, dinner and surprises...
but when I got home...

this thing came out...!!! 
 doesn't it look super cute? Looks like a cake made by a 5 year old~hahaha
ohhh yesh it's a birthday cake made by Sky...felt so touched~ T.T
It was his first time baking a cake! Honestly the cake tasted good.
Probably because my mom taught him and guided him all the way while baking it.
Just that the decoration is abit...erhem.... cute.. hahaha~ ^_^ v

oh yesh, since Sky's birthday is just a few days after mine, 
we might as well just celebrate together on the same day

p/s: I didn't PS some of the photos with stripes. Blogger just had to do it for me automatically -_-

Chinese Red Birthday Eggs

Daddy made my favourite dish, Peking Duck!

Hokkien Birthday Noodles
a must have for birthdays

Sky's favourite dish. Pork Throttles

Cake time!

Simple and elegant gift from Sky

Look! It's my new arm candy~hehehe =3
it actual watch looks a lot better in real life than in the photo.

gift from parents and brother 

they know my favourite biscuit!! McVitie's Digestive
It's my favourite biscuit brand of all time.
You guys must try it, it's a must~ 

2 summer dresses and a pair of shorts
the shorts is not in the photo

got off from and went to J-Town
Amanda bought me a piece of Japanese Green Tea cake
Thanks lady =D

Look at that red bean paste at the middle~~ yum yum!
It tasted sooooooooooo good!!!

Food photos~~~
on Sky's actual birthday 

I made pasta sauce~
family was saying we're having a western style dinner

salad made by mommy

and my spaghetti with sauce. ^_^

That's it for the post for today
I've been typing very little...I know.
Too much things to do. I shall leave blogger now
Just a few more days hopefully I'll be able to post a new entry

Take care and God Bless


priincess emily said...

Congrats on your graduation! You must be proud! :D

ShunTara said...


That food....THE FOOOD.... Oh man tahat looks so delicious! XD

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...

@princess emily : Thanks hun! ^_^

@ShunTara : Thank you Tara-chan ^__^
yesh the food!! It's so deliiiiiiiicious o.o

Eunji♥ said...

You are cute^ ^ I'm hungry now xDD I like your blog^^

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