Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Glitter Nails

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you all on DIY glitter nails (^__^)
Now I know glitter is very hard to manage, it gets really messy and dirty all over the place.
But then when all of sudden you think about the sparkly pretty particles on your fingers, you just couldn't resist on painting your nails with glitter nail polish.

Do you know that glitter nail polish dries out quickly? YES they do!
Whenever I see nail polishes on the aisle I will tend to take a sneak peek at them. 
They are all so pretty and I just couldn't resist getting them! 
I don't get the really expensive nail polish brands- reason to me is that I felt like there is no need to have expensive-small-bottle nail lacquer on my fingers. I'll just wear it once or twice, and it'll go off?
Anyways, I think that depends on different people, depends on what they prefer best

Ok just a little quick knowledge on glitter particles,

glitters are very small (roughly 1 mm²) pieces of copolymer plastics  aluminum foil, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, bismuth oxychloride or other materials painted in metallic

I'm still trying to find out the reason why glitter nail polishes dry out so quickly,
if anybody knows the reason, please let me know (^__^)

If you want to know more about glitter, click HERE

ok now back to the original topic of this post, please don't mind about the long post above.

Today's topic is going to be about DIY glitter nails
I am sure that most of your girls out there loves glitter!
The photo above shows the glitter nails I made ~
It's fairly simple and easy!
Looks great on long and short nails

I chose a navy blue glitter~simply because I never had a chance to try this colour
Trust me, glitters look amazing under the light; not sunlight, but light as in indoor bring white lights!

Ok just a little bit more "story telling" to do, here I have a bottle of blue glitter nail polish
This is not the bottle polish I used to do my nails. 
This is just a sample glitter polish bottle to show you all, and also easier for me to do the explanation...

now if you read the top part of this post I sort of explained that glitter polish tends to dry up really easily,
even if you had your bottle cap tightly locked, after weeks or months you'll find out your entire glitter polish is good to go to the bin! Unless-unless I said unless, you purchased an amazingly expensive glitter polish that'll last your forever, and that it won't dry out easily. (^___^)"

Anyways~here's a bottle of my old glitter polish that totally dried up
I've used this polish for only 3 times. 3 times. I'm not kidding.
That's how it turned out to be? It betrayed me. LOL

Even the polish brush betrayed me. 
It decided to give up and spent its' last moment caught in the dried polish bottle.
Well ok a little over exaggerated
But yah, I'm serious here, the brush was stuck in the dried glitter polish.

Glitter nail polish GONE
Glitter nail polish brush GONE


So until now, I have no idea why it became like that. Maybe it just didn't like my nails?

Ok I should stop story telling and seriously move onto the actual topic for the day (^__^)

You might need these items to create and finish the entire look
Base, top and glitter of your choice

So like I said, I chose a navy blue glitter
This glitter came in a mini bottle size. 
There are different sizes for glitter, depends on what it's use for
This bottle of glitter I have is cosmetics glitter, specially for make-up on the face, nails and others
It can also be used for arts and crafts.

You may use any colour glitter of your choice!
Doesn't matter which colour you use as long as you favour that colour (^__^)
As for glitter size, I suggest using cosmetics glitter because they are smaller in size and looks way much better on nails compare to bigger size ones.

Base coat. Here I have a China brand nail polish.
It looks red but then it actually looks transparent on nails.
Choose a base coat of your choice. You don't have to use any specific colour to go with the glitter.
This is because later on, you will be covering your entire nail with glitters

Final product, a top coat. 
Base and top coat can be the same product, it all depends on what you prefer best.
I have Nutra Nail polish as my top coat.
You can refer to this review I made HERE

Oh and get ready a piece of paper.
Any paper will do as long as you feel like it can be tossed out or recycled later on
Or it just could be anything (^___^)

And then fold the paper into half.
Both sides same length.
You'll know why later on...


Base coat
Apply it onto your nail just like how you apply the 1st layer of nail polish.
Apply it onto the first nail, then second and goes on...
Make sure you do this one at a time on each nail because you don't want to apply the glitter on dried polish


After you polish your nail, apply glitter immediately 
Pour the glitter onto your entire nail.
After that, dab the glitter which was poured onto your nail.
 Dab it with a little pressure so that the glitter sticks on the nail.

Brush off any remaining glitter on the sides of your nail and fingers
You can see now why I told you to fold the paper into half at the beginning..
It is a lot easier for clean up (^___^)

Take the folded paper and pour the remaining glitter back into the bottle. 
You can save your glitter by putting them back instead of throwing them out


Top coat
To protect the glitter, add shine and helps polished nails to last longer
Wait for it to dry and there you'll have it, at home DIY glitter nail polish! (^____^)

There might be some imperfections like uneven coating and such.
Just use back the same method
But this time, just polish the part which is not covered with glitter
Then repeat the steps. 

It only took me 30 minutes!
Well, together with some on and off moments because I was watching movie while doing this~
teehee (^__^)"

Which one do you like?
at home DIY or instand polish?

This is just my personal opinion my glitter nail polishes.
There is no specific relation to any nail polish company 
This is not a sponsored post

I favour DIY Glitter Nails but that doesn't mean I dislike getting Glitter Nail Polishes from stores
This post is just a way of showing and sharing with others who are interested to know more; about making themselves pretty and also saving up money. 

I apologize if there is any word or sentence used inappropriately, 
mislead by others and offensive towards the public.

Until my next post...
Take care & God Bless


まみ said...

*____* Damn Polish brush. DIY!

>w< I tagged you for a Liebster Award~♥ Congratz!
Woo you deserve it~!♥

Steph said...

I dunno... I've never had a glitter nail polish dry on me before... I've had both low-end sally hansen to "middle" OPI && Essie

If i had to take a guess it might be all the time we spend opening the bottle to get a solid glittered nail =p so your DIY method really solves your problem =D so smart!!!

the polish that dries out on me the quickest... is white... I don't even use it that often... but it always dries out!!!

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...


Yes the brush! LOL
Thanks for the tag ^_^
But it says that the page is not found~hmmm


Thanks steph! ^___^
Yah the biggest problem about glitter nail polish is that it dries out so quick!
I still don't get why they dry out so fast, especially for some nail polishes as well

Rinnie said...

I love Milani One Coat Glitters *o* ♡ I haven't had any trouble with them. Of course, it's fun to create your own decorations, too! ^.^

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