Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SASA, Bath & Body Works & mix haul

Hello everyone!
I recently purchased items from SASA because they were having a BUY 1 FREE 1 sale.
I thought I should give it a try and get some new products on hands!
Unfortunately, I wasn't really impress when they told me that my items went out of stock.
This happen after I added my items into cart. 2 items I wanted went out of stock.
I had no choice but to proceed with my leftover items.
SASA gave me a coupon code for my next purchase. I think they might give me a freebie or something.
This time I didn't purchase a lot of items because I still have too many stuff at home.

Let's see what I bought...  =D

Bawang Hair Blackening & Strenghtening Shampoo
My hair's slowly thinning out (I have no idea why probably because due to stress and eating habits?)

So I thought of trying this shampoo introduced by Amanda. *she said it's really good*
I bought a bottle and an Anti Hair-Fall pack for my mom
To my surprise the price for this shampoo is really cheap!

Kose Face Wash
I run out of face make-up remover really quick so I thought I should give this product a try!
The product described that it can remove dirt and impurities as well as make-up. *love it*
It came in a cute magenta translucent bag with 1 bottle of face wash and 1 packet of refill.

C+M Sunscreen and Dove Body Wash
To my surprise C+M Sunscreen is on sale again! 
I'm currently using the same sunscreen and I'm loving it~~~that's why I bought my second bottle
For the price of the body wash, it's pretty reasonable so I dropped it in the cart as well :D

Some freebies!

So I went to this event with my friend and they gave out freebies!

Some really good stuff for summer

Bath and Body Works were having a HUGE SALE on aromatherapy products
I was so so so excited because I had been wanting them for so long!
I got their newsletter in my inbox and I went to the mall the following day...

Ecalyptus Stress Relief Body Lotion
Both of these for $5 each!!

I simply love the scent of this body lotion simply because it really does relief me from stress, it's soothing and very comforting! I was lucky enough to grab the final bottle from the isle. It ran out so fast!

Recent purchases from my local Asian supermarket

Facial Puff introduced by Amanda. She said that this cotton pad is super good especially when it's soaked in collagen water. I gave it a try and it's indeed amazing~~~

My Beauty Diary 2-Step Spring Mask Pack
Haven't try this yet but will do so soon. The packaging impressed me so I had to just take one of them home! (^__^)

Egyptian Magic and new silicone phone cover

My phone hasn't been wearing any clothes for the past year.
Well...I sorta took off her hard cover shell because it was a little bulky
Recently I decided to get her a new silicone cover because she have scars all over her now :(
Not good

Love the magenta! 


AtomicNony said...

you got so many goodies :)

Minnie Pham said...

I really like that Dove shower gel! The smell is sooo nice~ ^__^ plums + sakura blossoms I think :3

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