Friday, August 3, 2012

Julep Maven Nail Cosmetics Review

 Hi everyone! So here's my latest post on my recent purchase, Julep Maven.
Most of you are pretty familiar with this brand.
Julep Maven is a nail polish and hand care company which provides a range of high quality products
It was quite a few months ago that my friends told me about Julep but I didn't try going onto their website.
Until one day I went to my friend's house and she said that all the Julep products that she got only cost her

Yea I'm not kidding. $0.01 for first time registered users!
So I maybe I should give it a try? Plus shipping is free! There's nothing to lose except for $0.01 when you subscribe to them. However, the $0.01 promotion is only for the first time and for every month's subscription, you have to pay $19.99 to get nail products mailed to your home.

I was a little hesitant a first about subscribing to them.
But then I finally gave in a decided to give my first box a try!
I got so excited when the box came in the mail. It was a pretty black square box

Too bad there's a crack on the box. Luckily it wasn't a big one.
But the good thing is the products inside were all in good condition (^__^)

Here's how the box came in

Inside the box with lots of paper scuffles to protect the products 

Pretty hot pink package inside the box

Here's what they packed for me~so pretty! Plus two description cards about their company

Two toe dividers, foot nourishing cream, two nail polishes

I haven't got the time to try on the foot cream yet but will do so soon!
It smells like peppermint~hmmm!

I'm loving this orangey peach nail varnish. The colour looks vibrant, sweet and fresh

This nail colour looks very pretty too. Although I have a similar one from Sally Hansen.
But I got a feeling that this nail polish will look softer and creamy

So I gave the new nail polish a try! 
I have to say this..the nail polish texture is extremely good!  The best thing is that it dries up really quick.
It took me less than 10 minutes to finish my nails with 2 layers of polish. Pretty amazing right? 
The colour is extremely rich and vibrant. There's no need for a top coat.

I applied the nail polish yesterday and today is the second day. Everything seems to be still looking good. 
I'm testing to see how long will the nail polish last without a top coat. 
Hope that it'll last longer than other leading nail polishes.

You guys should give it a try too!
For only $0.01 + FREE SHIPPING

to go to the website

Enjoy and Take care


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Sophie Soltroll said...

Awesome post !
Love the color:)

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Kate said...

Wow such pretty colors! I'll check out the site... they have so many colors! But where did you get it for $0.01 + Shipping? o.o All of them say $14 or more

Emi ♥ said...

Lovely *__* Cosmetics.

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