Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to get healthy long nails

HOW TO GET......

Oh why hello there dearies!
It's been awhile since we last catch up on things!
How was your new years celebration? Mine was nothing really special but sorta hung out with my parents' friends. It was more of like a seniors gathering party. hahaha oh btw Happy New Year 2013
It's almost the end of the month of January now---hmm well this ain't the point for this post

Anyway, I had been brainstorming quite awhile WHAT topic I should blog about..
since I don't know what interests you guys more. I really need a help out here.

So I finally came up with an idea of blogging how to get really healthy and long nails
Since many people asked me regarding this

Your first question..
Don't worry, I'll get to your Q&As later on!
Now lets see some photo and captions...

Lately I've also been thinking alot about what design I should do on my nails.
I did a pink glittery one, a french manicure. However, I ended up with peach nails!
I got quite lazy, frankly. So I decided that I should just simply paint it and let it go.

Oh yesh and it took my nails around 1-1.5 months to grow this long. 

Just in case you asked which nail polish brand is it?
I'm sure I've done a nail polish review on their products.. in case you haven't read it or so
Please feel free to click around! (^___^)

Now the important part.. let's get back to the Q&As
Many people, including friends, cashiers from drugstores, saleswomens, girls and people with interest, ASKED me the same o questions:

Q1: Are those your real nails?
Q2: Where did you get your nails done?
Q3: How do you keep them so long and healthy?
Q4: What product do you use?

Answers to the questions
A1: Yes. Those are my real nails. I don't use fake nails because I simply hate that feeling of them sticking on my nails. Also, I've never tried nail extensions before, nope not even once. 

A2: I got it done from home. A very dimmed lighting on my computer desk. That's it.

A3: Usually if they happen to ask me when I'm outside, I would describe the products I used. But now since I'm here blogging about it, you'll get to see the marvelous products BELOW. After you;ve done reading the next answer okie? ^_^

A4: down down down down down, below below below below below~ teeeheee

Introducing one of my favourite nail treatment product
Sally Hansen's Continuous Treatment

Where to buy it? 
If you live in Canada, walk to Shoppers and go to the nail polish aisle. You'll see many nail treatment products beside the nail polish bunch.

However, I didn't get mine from Shoppers. I got it from the CNE sales event.
It's not free. I paid. LOL~

All those very very many descriptive content just to let you know that THIS PRODUCT will really help your nails. It worked for me!

It's in a clear form. Do not expect it to be watery or colourful. This is how it is.
Well at first I thought it was going to be an ointment or watery simply because I've used another brand before this and it's texture was in the watery form. After I've tried using this I noticed that it smells like NAIL POLISH and I thought..WHOA WHAT did they put it in the wrong package?!
Actually nah I was just kidding. Usually I would apply 1 COAT/LAYER on fresh clean nails before applying nail polish. So to clarify this, I would say..

step1: Sally Hansen Treatment coat
step 2: nail polish
step 3; more nail polish
step 4: more more more nail polish if you like
step 5: what-so-ever bling bling or glitter you like
step 6: seal it off with a TOP COAT (if you want everything to last forever)

So HOW LONG did it take the product to actually work?
Different people have different results. Mine took me 3 days. Just 3 short days and I literally saw.. well not really SAW but I felt that my nails got much stronger and harder. It stopped chapping and when I apply nail polish..it's AMAZING...so easy to glide on!

Now keep this in mind, you always want the GOOD THING to be the one which touches the root or the base of your something something? Just like building a house, it needs to have a really good and strong foundation before building the rest. Another example is your face makeup. Have good foundation before applying powder makes your face better looking. Same goes with the nails.
(I have no idea why I explain so much, pardon me for being so elaborative) =P



I know I sound.....old
maybe some people might think that.. why do you need vitamins when you're not even 80 years old yet?
I'm not going to explain all that jazz about science and biology because it ain't the main point of this post~
However...just to let you know that I do take vitamins. Everyday (^___^)v woohoo!

Some basic information about why the need to take vitamins?
Simply because your body is the one which functions to help you maintain a steady health.
I'm taking a multivitamin specially for women and omega-3 fish oils, which also partly plays a role in helping me get healthy and strong nails

If you're interested in focusing on growing healthier/longer hair and nails, try to search for vitamins which says specially formulated for hair/nails growth.   

The Super Bad Habits to avoid.... (the way to get better healthy looking nails)
- Do not BITE them
I remember when I was a kid I used to like to bite my nails. Maybe because my mom didn't let me use the nail clipper thinking that I might cut off my flesh from my finger. However, biting your nails not only will make nails look ugly BUT you're eating germs and bacteria up...which ain't sexy

- Peeling off the chunk of skin
I know this sound kinda hard to avoid...even I do so. It's because sometimes I get lazy to find the nail clipper...hehehe BUT don't ever do it. Take a nail clipper and clip it off! Don't peel it as it might get infected and lead to TERRIBLE PAIN..I'm warning you =P Just don't peel it okie?

- Nail polish issues
If you're that type of person who loves nail polish and just need to have them on your nails 24/7 (just like me); let your nails breathe, at least 3 days. Usually I would let it breathe for a week so that it doesn't get yellowish and greeno like. 

Home treatments

The Salt Scrub
I do this at home, not every month maybe just once in a blue moon due to busy times and laziness.. OOPS!
Take somewhat a tablespoon of salt/sea salt, put it on the palms of your hands, rub it and criss-cross your fingers...keep massaging them. Make sure you add a little warm water so that it's not too rough.
OR, you could soak your fingers in a bowl of warm--hot water roughly around 5--10mins. You'll notice that the skin around your fingers will be SUPER SOFT. Then you can start scrubbing.

This may help to remove most of the dead skin cells ( I can't say ALL dead skin cells because this ain't no miracle) Plus, salt will kill off most of the bacteria on your fingers. Wooohoo!
Make sure to do this only when you have NO NAIL POLISH on! Unless you want them to be ruin from all that scrubbing.

I hope my tips helped!
Feel free to comment on any questions and I'll be waiting to answer them! 


Oh oh one more thing....
What topic do you guys want me to blog more about?
Because I have no idea....what you like to read more about from me..

Til then
Take care & God Bless


olivia said...

your nails are so long and pretty! thankyou for the tips :D hopefully this will stop my nails from chipping after trying some of the products you mentioned ^___^

followed you xoxo

❤Michiko Kawashi❤ said...

You're welcome! (^__^)

and thank you for dropping by

Emi ♥ said...

HII ^^ It's been a while since I last visited you!!

I can never keep my nails that long but wow pretty cool to have it naturally long and staying healthy!!!

Love Emi

Onto my Wardrobe said...

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Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

wow, i'm jealous of your nails, they're so perfect!! i love the colour of the nail polish :)

I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ xo

blackberryfashion said...

beautiful nails :)

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neeyd said...

pretty nails :3


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Chaitea said...

Great tips! You have gorgeous nails :D

neeyd said...

I nominated you for a blog Award sweetie, please do check it out:

xoxo ^-^

Inge Lakawa said...

nice post!! i cant have long nails. not because i bite it but its always broken when it gets too long -_-' thank you, you help!

do you want to follow each other?
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Anonymous said...

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Levi (tlnique) said...

Nice article! Never heard of the products before. I always manage to get long nails but then they break so easily >.<


Anonymous said...

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kasey peggy said...

wow thoes nails are sooooo pretty

new blogger ...show some<3 brokeanddbeautiful.blogspot.ca

mimii said...

those nails are long i'm trying to grow mines but is half of yours!!! But when it get a little bit longer it brakes : ( .... But thanks of the omega & the vitamin i'm going to buy them!!!

Visit my blog I'm new too this ^_^

and maybe we can follow each other? ^_^

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