Friday, March 22, 2013

Sally Hansen SALON effects stick ons (REVIEW)

Hello everyone~! It took me quite awhile to actually think what I want to blog about. I have so many things to blog about but have no idea which one might entertain you guys more XD

Anyway, so I chose to speak about this nail stickers that I had in February. This is not a sponsored product. I didn't purchase it either. It's basically a "free gift" from an event I went. 

This is the Sally Hansen SALON effects nail stickers. I went around beauty stores and even drug store's cosmetics aisle and saw this product on the shelf. PRICE?
Well to me it's a little bit pricey in a way that, I'd rather buy a nail polish. BUT, compare to this and nail salon prices, this is a much more inexpensive option.

They come in SO MANY PATTERNS. It's like you know how in salons, the manicurist will draw the patterns you want on your fingers? This is how it is. Except that you have to STICK it on by yourself. Nope, no drawing needed so no worries! (it doesn't come with a nail polish ball head pen)

So one night just before Chinese New Year, I just had had had to do my nails simple because I cannot stand my nails being....not nice, as in presentable. Plus it was new years so I had to do something about my nails. I didn't want to do any drawings, dipping into pots of glitters and adding pearls & gems. Even though I'm quite a BLINGBLING nail accessories addict. I always have to add them on no matter what.  
So I found this baby in one of the baskets and thought.... hmm, maybe I should give this a try. 
Plus, I LOVE GLITTERS! ^__^ 

It was late night, like around 11pm that I started doing it. I also turned on a movie on my computer. So took me around 3hrs? LOL! Yea I was looking up and looking down. Most of the time was watching movie.. hehe~

So here's what's inside the box! 2 packets of stickers, nail file, user's guide and a toothpick to pick out leftover cilantros on your teeth. HAHAHAHAHA nah I'm just kidding =P It's an orange stick. Issit? Or is that how they call it? I don't know. That thing just looks like a toothpick to me!

I have to say this, you don't get to choose any sizes. Yes you don't. I know that our nails come in different sizes and shapes. However, this product is so well designed that it'll fit onto ANY KIND of nails.
I really LOVE their nail file. It's so tiny and cute, and it's PINK! The quality is really good compare to the ones I have at home, which are the BIG PACKS that I got from the dollar store. *cheap peak*

2 PACKS. Each consist of 5 templates *if I'm not mistaken, I kinda messed everything around that night*
It comes with a few different sizes to match your fingers. So it's totally up to you which one you want to go with for which finga! I skipped the readers guide because I'm noob like that. I guess that's part of the reason why I ended up with............ holes(you'll know soon...)

100% Natural nails
I've never worn extensions before. Except for acrylic nail stick ons. Like those ones which you have to use glue to stick onto your real nails. See a hole on my pinky? That's for hanging blingy accesories ^_^ 
Please do not attempt to try this at home with a needle or a big-ass machine. I used a special nail screw driver to drill that mini-hole. Oops!

Speaking of which, I was quite nervous while doing this. I want to make it as PERFECT as possible. So what happen was I had to open up the package, which was a little difficult because of my OILY fingers. But eventually I got them all teared up. =3

After tearing the packing, I had to grab related pieces and just match it up with my nail sizes. After that I had to TEAR another layer again, and lie it onto my nail. Then tear again, again, again and again. Ok STOP. There were a few layers. As you can see that photo on top ^ that's after sticking, before trimming.

Ok now it was my FIRST TIME using this product. I kind of screwed up a few but it didn't look obvious, right? Well...maybe a little if you can see the GAPS....grrr imperfections. Anyhow, I HAD to add pearls so that it looks more FANCY + GLAMOROUS. Since I did a bad job with the stickers, I just needed the pearls to help me shift people's eyes away from those ugly holes... LOL

Overall....I really liked it!

Paragraph final conclusion
The overall experience of using this product is pretty nice. Compare to using nail polish, one of the biggest asset is that you don't have to wait for it to dry (might end up getting half dried nail polish smudged). I really like the glitters because it's SUPER shiny and even compare to glitter nail polish. The product indeed works like how it was stated, salon effects. My nails looked like as if it was done at a salon (in real-time of course, photos slightly different looking). The stickers stayed on my nail for about 3 weeks and it started falling off after. Consider it very good because I wash my hair everyday and had to scratch here and there? lol~

- No drying needed
- Stays up to 3 weeks (depending how careful you are with them)
- Effects much better compare to glitter nail polish
- Doesn't stick and pollute your room compare to nail polish
- Clean and easy to use (best for newbies!)

- Need to file/trim off excess stickers 
- Need to peel off layers
- Cracks/peels off easily if weren't properly compressed onto nails
(I suggest apply a layer of clear nail polish after application so that it stays)

Will I buy it again?
I guess YES?
Piling up unused nail polishes and wait until they dry up is an unhealthy option.
I might consider changing the entire nail wardrobe, Might, just might.

 I hope you enjoyed my review ^_^
Feel free to drop down any questions!
'Til my next post~


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