Monday, April 22, 2013

Anime North 2013 (GYARU FASHION SHOW)

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Hello everyone!
It's 1 month countdown to Canada's premier fan-run anime convention, 

So what's Anime North?
Basically it's like an all comic,manga, Japanese anime exhibition. 
It's not just like any other boring exhibition, it's something that's worth going because of the exciting shows and events that is going to be held as well! 

What shows?
1 of them is the 

serious?! yes, dead serious.
It's our very first ever Gyaru Fashion Show host by our
 Canada Gyaru Group and our lovely
leader in charge; Mami Wilson

*poster created by Michiko Kawashi
doinks~ I'm giving myself credit...LMAO!! (x__x) ignore me for being so lame, thx!

I think slots are still open for gals who would like to model on stage!
If you're interested please click the link below for more information:

I was so excited about the fashion show and was looking forward to going and
take MILLION GAZZILLIONS photos of our beautiful models & the event.

but sadly, I won't be able to make it this year. Grrr~every other year since high school 
I had been giving lame excuses about not being able to go to Anime North. sucks much.

well long story short, I sort of HAD the chance to go to the convention at high school. I even BOUGHT my ticket because some "friends" told me to come along with them. But, due to last minute changes and stuff, they told me that they wanted to isolate me. (trust me I was a good friend back then, a true friend who wouldn't even hurt a friend's arm hair) ARM HAIR?! LOLOLOL well yea, just saying. 

Their excuses? 
"Oh a friend doesn't like outsiders to join in our group, and that she's very sensitive"
yup I went to an ALL GIRLS school. I was very curious about who's the "she" that she was relating to.

Since then I started in believing selfishness stands NUMBER 1 in this society. 
Nobody cares a s*** about you, nobody would care if you had spent $1000000 on a ticket, 
nobody would care even if you're a true great friend to them.
well guys were the ones to ask me to join and now you're kicking me out, 
worst things worst I didn't do anything wrong. I was pretty sad though~ 
sad enough that I got quite mad at myself for being such a patient, nice and anger-free friend; and
that I've requested a REFUND for my ticket.
Good thing that the AN management was very helpful and nice. They refunded me efficiently. 

very sad~too sad that I've actually planned on wearing my self designed GOTHIC LOLITA
red/black lace dress. Maybe...I will have the chance to wear it AGAIN next year.

Doinks~ I don't want to bring down the exciting news to you all.
It's suppose to be a HAPPY news, 
not something that's all gloomy and infected with the sad virus.

trying hard to shift away your attention from my sad story...LOL

For more information on Anime North, please visit:

Til then,
lemme rest~ oink oink


Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

So awesome, I want to go but I'm in London T^T

恵美より ♥

Marxie ♔ said...

The poster you made is actually really nice. :)
btw, I have an cc cream giveaway rn, you might want to join? :D

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