Thursday, May 23, 2013

Warehouse deals / APRIL-MAY cosmetics haul

-the crew, not exactly the entire family-

Hello loves! I finally thought about something to blog about. 

Which is my recent spendings on cosmetics. I'm a huge fan of make-up products. I used to spend unnecessary money on cheap products just because I love their packaging and how cheap it is. But at this point of age (lol implying that I'm old) I'm trying to switch to BUYING INEXPENSIVE yet GOOD QUALITY products. Why so? Throughout these years of putting make-up I've found that good quality foundation, eye make-up lasts longer compare to lower quality ones. Some products are really inexpensive but they still preserve the purpose of it. Different people have different thoughts..ah well.

Photo shoot! I tried to switch spots and I love summer sunlight so I thought I should do the photo shoot outdoors. Well.... pardon for the dirty old patio and uncut grass. =( 

I didn't take TOO MANY photos because I'm going to be doing reviews on some of the products later on

First stop~

LANCOME products. 
I'm sure many of you are familiar with products by Lancome. They are simply amazing right? 
They had a promotion that day (they always have it every year) spend $35 and more before tax and receive a FREE POUCH with all the mini goodies inside! Very good deal~ I bought the Dual Finish face compact powder (which makes my face look flawless) and their eye make-up remover(Sky wants me to get it really badly because he thinks it's the best remover ever existed in the market) 

Teint Idole Ultra. I didn't get this from Lancome's counter. In fact, I got this from the Loreal Sprnig Warehouse sales. I guess the lighting inside was dark and that the sales person got 1 shade darker for me. Whenever I put this foundation on I feel like I just came back from the beach~hmmm. 

I love this lipgloss! Got this from warehouse too. 

Far left LA ROCHE-POSAY eye makeup remover from warehouse 
More products~~ ngek ngek. 

Went shopping with my friend the other day and saw this on sale. Just had to get it. I heard that Macadamia oil is good for hair~ hmmm... going to give this a try later on.

Next stop.. products from Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse

I was crawling around the internet and Sephora, trying to seek for a good primer. 
To my surprise this warehouse sells them! Well.. only 1 type which is by REVLON. I had to just get it...
Amazingly these 2 bottles come together! The price is less than $10. Yep.
I was like.. "YES!!!!!"

Marcelle. Made in Canada cosmetics. I was searching for foundation for daily usage
 (work at the office) 
I don't want to use Lancome's because I thought.. it might be a waste to use it at the office and nobody even looks at you. LOL!!! Lancome's just for special days ^__^

Marcelle products..they have an isle at Shoppers. 2 bottles of this foundation is less than $6!

whenever I see nail polish.. my eyes will go all blingy~ hahahaha (*____*) oooooo!
BUT, I had to put a border and told myself NOT TO BUY MANY polishes..
Ahhh they are all so pretty and the price is mouthwatering. Meeh~ 

so I only got 3 bottles, very necessary ones.  

Surprisingly the warehouse sells H2o+ products too! Ahhhh~~!!
I would get all of them if I'm done with my other skin care products.

But....without resistance.. (again) I just had to get ONE PACK. GAAAAH!! x____x
It's too....eye catching! The product, the color, the price....hahaha
$20 before tax for 2 bottles of serum. 

Last but not least...

Intensive Spa dead sea mud 
Bought this from Sears~ a lady dragged me and made me buy it. 
The price... errrrr too pricey (-___-) but guess what. If it works, it works.
If it doesn't. Meh no more next time. Things just come and go right.

That's it for now.
Til my next post, review coming soon ^__^


Sakuranko said...

Oh really nice haul sweetie!
Sweetie I want invite you!
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★ jo-ann said...

Love your buys!
These are considered really good quality here, it's great that you can get them so cheap :D

Julie Ann Lozada said...

hi dear... you really had a cute blog... and i like it! you're cute, too!

Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

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Jenna H. said...

Wow that is a great haul! Love your blog!
Trying to get 150 followers... Follow me?????
-Jenna <3

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