Saturday, November 9, 2013

Broke a bone-- MEOW?

Hopefully this will be a short post so that I don't have to gabble about things which weren't related. Took me 1 month after the incident to finally thought about doing a post about it.

The last post I posted was September 9th and that night an accident occured. I didn't break a chicken bone. In fact, I broke my own leg bone while walking down the stairs. It was one of the worst experiences ever! The house basement was really dark (even though there were lights on) and I was holding the laundry basket. The next thing I knew was I tripped and fell over the stairs and the ankle twitched. SUPER SCARY because I witnessed a horrifying moment. Not going to mention it here~

That pain.... unexplainable. I haven't cried that loud and sore since I was born. I screamed like as if "Freddie" was trying to chase after me or that man from "Saw" was behind me or something. Hmm~very dramatic but half true. My dad had to call the paramedics because I wasn't able to move at all. Suck to that! My entire body was shivering cold; felt like I froze myself outside during winter season without a Canada Goose on. Trembled with fright and shed sour grape tears, that was all I had. The paramedics came within 10 mins and they had to take my blood pressure and lift me up into the back of the trunk. My very first experience in the ambulance.............oh wow it's nothing like the movies so don't bother imagining.

BUT do imagine this part when you see an ambulance siren goes off on the road and the loading cars had to move aside for it to pass? Yep, that parts true. They took me to this hospital which is 20 mins away from my house but with the paramedics, it only took them 5 mins. How was the ride experience? FAST.

Once arrived~ so many procedures blah blah blah... and I had to wait in the wheel chair for nearly 4 hours. It was past 12am. They took me for an X-Ray~ and I had to sit in the wheel chair for hours in major pain. The final decision from the doctor was, I had a very serious case and I need a surgery. OK, what?! I cried again because WHAT?! That serious. very first surgery. They transferred me to the emergency ward and made me suffer for another 2 hours in pain on the bed then finally they came and gave me a cast. (=3=)
They couldn't even fix a time for my surgery; said might be tomorrow or the day after because they go by queue. Ok fine. They made me transfer here to there and there to here.

Day 2
One of the nurses said I could go home because they still have no idea when my surgery will be done. ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. Wow, you made me suffer in so much pain and all I got was this feedback.
Meh, they even made me buy clutches so I could walk with them. I had to test them out to see if I could walk in them and TRUST ME, DON'T BELIEVE IN MOVIES. Walking in clutches uses so much armpit strength. Not kidding. It was hard. I almost fainted because I hadn't have food and water for 2 days and all I did was lied in bed. Meh, I chose to stay at the hospital.

Day 3
FINALLY.... they transferred me upstairs to a private room just because they emergency ward was full. WHAT now so if it wasn't you were just going to leave me there to suffer a few more days again? (T3T)
Good thing, I like their hospital room. The bed was soft and cushy~My very first stay at the hospital. Ah.... blood pressure tests almost every 6 hours + pain killers. I had to share a room with a senior lady.

Day 4
Made me transfer to another department, again. Reason... my nurse told me because I was the youngest patient at their department and they had older people who needs to a yep, they transferred me to the CHILDREN's DEPARTMENT. =O  so cute! Everything was so cute and I even get to sleep on the old school bed. Nope, wasn't fun. But I get the sleep in one room all by myself.

The nurse told me that I might be able to have the surgery by night. Night?! You might be wondering who does surgeries at night? Yah I thought they only do it in the morning. But surgery hours are different. It was 10pm Thursday night and my doctor had to personally come to my ward and push my bed to the surgical theatre. of the nicest doctor I've ever met. I was their last patient to operate.. AHHHH I was freaking out because I've never been into a surgery room before and I had no idea what I should do. Freaked out!! They asked me tons of questions~ may I say the surgery room it's like what you saw in the movies. So blue, so clean and bright.. ooooooo! The assistants were so friendly and tried to keep my calm by talking to me. Even told me that they're a team and this is who, that is who and what. The next thing I knew was I dozed off into sleep within 3 seconds. (=______=)

I woke up and found myself lying on the bed and a nurse beside checking my blood pressure and asking questions. Ah~success! But the pain... ok I have to admit, it was much much better than the time I broke it, but still hurts. After 1 more night of stay at the hospital, they said I need to go home. (o___o)v 

There you have it, it might be a little too long but I tried my best to minimize and cut out the "too detailed" parts. Now my leg is still curing and 4 more months until recover. You might be wondering what they did to my leg. Yep, they've inserted a piece of metal to help my bone grow out again. For that I have a new tattoo which looks like a scar with stitched prints. Nah I'm joking, it's a surgery scar =3

Healing at home was so much more comfortable! Aunties and Uncles came to visit me and gave me fresh flowers and some fruits. Thank you for the love! To those people who thinks that "you broke a bone?! such a small matter"; you may go to your corner and start thinking about your life. I do believe that everything happens for a reason whether good or bad.

take care and God bless you all!


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