Saturday, February 7, 2009


wheeeee it's Saturday again!
Saturday is basically family day
we always hang-out for lunch and grocery shopping
We always go to Chinatown-.-
the food there's not really that tasty, i got really bored with it
so we decided to have korean food! hoho
my brother recommended...
hoho,a korean restaurant at Yonge-Street,near my condo
my bro said there's this really cute waitress there bla-bla-bla..zzzzz
yea..there's my brother..
we are really close =)
he talks and i talk
the liquid he's drinking is rice tea,
smells so much like rich
but then taste like tea
LOL, i duno what im talking bout ~

YAY!! korean food! hoho

im seriously in LOVE with korea food now, coz it taste soooooooooooooo GOOD

haha~i ordered Kimchi soup+pork+tofu+rice

something really healthy...

it was really a fulfilling meal...geeeeeeehh

we went to chinatown...
and my brother spent me bubbletea
not really spent...
he gave me $5 for 2 cups of bubbltea which cost $9.02 =.=
sooooooooooooo expensive!!
i could actually get one at Malaysia for only RM2.50
if i exchange the currency ..means that 2cups of bubbletea equals to..
$9.02x3= RM27!!!
OMG..i can buy tons of stuff with RM27!!
it wasn't really that cold today
only 6 degrees
my dad was NAGGING all the way from our condo to the korean restaurant
kept on saying me
"IT's STILL WINTER, bla-bla-bla-bla-ba...zzzz"
so yah..
my bro went for a haircut at Tech Saloon
surprisingly the hairstylist still remembers him(coz my bro and I usually goes there for haircut)
the hairstylist said to me(after my bros haircut):
"your bro looks lengzai(handsome) after haircut"
im like..."YEA..OF COURSE, HE-HE" (^__^)
well..he continues...
"you are really lenglui(pretty) too"
im like.. "o.O ouhh..i see..hahaha THANKS"
LOL!! that was really...something NEW
haha~didn't expect that at all
oohh well..
after that we took the streetcar & subway back home
my bro's in a rush to go to a party at Eglinton West
i ask him to bring me along
he said come along..
ouh well, but then i rejected..coz i duno his friend(the person who invites him to the party)
i may as well stay at home and BLOG
it's 12.06pm now
and im really really tired
i haven't start on my BOX PROJECT yet
omg im really really tired & depress
can i just NOT DO IT?


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