Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dress hunting...

moomoo pic taken for Nicole! =P
Heartland clock tower
random shot of heartland
another random shot..LOL
YES, another one! LOL
amanda~~~~our bags are getting more and more
Mavis Road! taken especially for my long time babe, Mavis Chong!
xoxo-miss you girl~
yea,urban planet was open-lol-waiting at the bus stop
canadian flags! wheeeee it was 8pm
in the bus-sneak peak what we bought?
beautiful lights, barely can c =.=
YAY! my BCBG dress! in a bag...LOL it'll be a surprise =P

it's freakin hilarious coz amanda and I seriously planned to go to Missisauga for dress hunting
i woke up at 7am, had breakfast and waited for amanda's call
then went to Finch Station and met up with amanda and took the subway to Islington
then we had to take bus 35W to Mavis Road-had to pay extra $3 for the bus
we waited for the bus for 30mins (>.<)
heh~~so long..
after that we took the bus and went to Mavis Road
after that we had to transfer to Britannian Road to get to amanda's BCBG outlet
it took us around 15mins to get to Britannian
the whole journey was roughly 1hr/30mins ride-gosh (>.<)

we finally arrived at our destination! wheeeee~
we went to ALDO first to look at shoes
then went to bla bla blas~ alot more fashion outlets/warehouses
but then we still couldn't find out BCBG outlet!*our aim is to find it*
muahahahaha~ then we went into a shoe store
amanda found a nice handbag for herself, & she bought it-LOL
then we walked here,walked there
seriously Heartland was a really huge place(>_<)
*my feets were hurting a little*
i drank alot of water this morning, i kept on wanting to peepee~LOL
the weather was good, windy-breezy-nice
im glad that the weather was good!
too bad we were sorta-sweating (-___-)
coz it was HOT for awhile, nooope, not sunscreen. 
so we just kept walking, yea we dont have a car! how i wish we do have one~
then we went into Le Cheateau, nothing much in there, just like any other outlets
then we went into JACOB, bought this amazing white top for spring/summer. hoho and another brown top, really nice =D
amanda bought a pair of new jeans for herself.kakas =P
i guess amanda just couldn't bare with the hunt anymore, she finally asked the cashier the way to BCBG outlet-and guess what? WE KNEW THE WAY! LOL
keeep walking...just keeep walking
we went into WINNERS and got some stuff
i got something for my dad, and something for myself. hehe~
walk walk walk walk walk walk
finally we found our BCBG outlet
amanda and I were like to 傻婆(crazy ladies)
when we step into BCBG both of us went "Waaaaaaaaaaaah*eyes blinking*"
then i told amanda "你要冷静!" you have to calm down!
then both of us were superb crazy, kept on choosing dresses
saw alot of really pretty dresses~wheeee! (^_^)
i tried on 2 dresses, a white and a purple one
we spent almost an hour just to try on dresses and figuring out which one looks PERFECT
so basically...YEA amanda got 2 dresses for herself, a beige pink+a purple one
while i got my white dress =D
both of our dresses are LONG-it's for prom night! teehee~
after that we took the bus and went back to Mavis Road
we planned to have Japanese food for dinner, but then too expensive =O
we were...half broke i guess? LOL! but we'll work it out! xD
then we chose to have chinese dinner instead
ordered 炒饭+麻婆豆腐+free soup+free dessert=YUMMY
after that we took the bus and went back to the subway, and head home =D
we were like tourists! walking around and buying stuff, enjoying our day and touring~
LMAO! amanda loves to 游车河
ride ride ride
*tired...gonna blog soon*
teehee~ happy owez =]


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