Monday, August 3, 2009


gaah~ my bro brought my cam to Montreal
so i can't take any nice pics =[
have to wait few more days til he gets back~ huhu (T^T)
miss my cammy
today wokeup at 1am, had my soup as lunch
Aunt Chua called, and she wants to hang-out wit my dad and I
so in a rush, i got ready in 30mins!~WOW
she came at 2pm and we went to Leslie grocery shopping and a little lunch
after that went to Manda's place
she wants me to try her food~ spaghetti, taste good ha =]
Derrick and Terence was at her house too~ MUSIC WAS BANGING LOUD
woohoo~! XD
after that helped her clean her dishes and table, bleh bleh bleh
after that we went out~ to Kristie street ^^
and then we walked around~ to Spadina
and walked to Chinatown. LOL it was a great weather =)
then we had dinner at a chinese restaurant
*geez* i hate it when i blog without pics =[
i usually blog with pics so you guys can enjoy!
*bad bad*
i hate takin pics wit my phone too

there i took a pic of Derrick and Manda ^^
awww arent they cute? they look like couple =P
with that white T~ haha
actually Terence wore white too, but he changed back to his black shirt
and yea i was wearing black top too ~ so we look like couples on double date =__="
LMAO we are besties!! (^__^)
but it was fun... never tried that before XD
after dinner we went to get BBT~ and Aaron called my cell * yesh he replied*
his first sentence "I'M PISSED"
hahahahah geeeez~
after that we went to the station and head home :)
and after i got down from the bus and walk home..
i remembered...
i forgotten to give back Terence his house keys and wallet =_=
it was in my bag!!! LOL
always forget to give him back..LOL~
great night, love u guys :)


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