Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yutopia Party

31st July Yutopia was having a party at P-Mall!
and they are giving out FREE YOGURT! wooohoo!~
went to P-Mall and met up with 2 stephs and jennifer
OUR YOGURT! pretty eh^_^
pic story time again...hoho i look doomy~hahaha XD
the line up for Yutopia! People had been lining up since an hour ago
the party starts at 7 pm *geeeez*
a sweet pic with my girl (:
ooolala the 3 chicks
look at steph's face *peach top*
appearantly she's married to Yutopia, her love~~LOL
there there a snapshot of my own yogurt
hoho im loving it! o__o
yesh~you do make your own yogurt!
it's actually $0.35 per ounce, its pretty nice!
inside! i had taro, green tea and pomegranade flavor
added mango and lychee, peanuts and oats toppiings^^
after that went to Ones to shop around, Steph N had to go dinner with her dad
so she left, Steph P and Jen behind and ME
we walked and bleh~
my brother was at the arcade with paul
told them to get the free yogurt but then they were too late -___- *kids*
left Steph P and I~~hoho
we were practically *dumb* that night
but funny/happy
LMAO! we were wearing our sunglasses OUTSIDE the mall
it was DARK! hahahaha XD
we were BLIND
and we switched sunglasses!
came home around 10pm
camewhored with my bratha again


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