Thursday, October 8, 2009


so school's pretty usual lately
went for my Type class today
screw it! i messed up my project and didn't glue it perfectly-sigh-
i hate it when it comes to last minute work, i never do things last minute but for this time, i had to
felt so bad for myself, wanna get good marks T-T
as for drawing class, we had to draw 100 HUMAN HEADS
yes im serious, HUMAN HEADS omg~
i only managed to draw 35 heads til times up
and for homework, 100 human heads with shades
im gonnabe crazy O_o lalala. LOL
this should be Rina Sakurai, love her~ so pretty (:
found her pic with this short hair
wanted to do a hair like hers but somewhat fail, not enough time and used too little hairspray
but gonna try it again! hoho~ x)

it's for short hair. teeehee
i used to have this colour but i dyed it back black
aaaahhh geez
now the colour's all washed out and now..
my hair is somewhat golden brownish dark black colour
my dad said it's nice O_O
oh well...


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