Saturday, October 10, 2009

out with peeps

jason said he havent seen us for quite some time~ so we grabbed dinner together after school :)
met Jason at shoppers and Terence after~

so we went to NakWon again *yoo my fav korean restaurant*
the lady recognizes me. haha.
had Gamjatang as my dinner, didnt take a pic tho :( awww~
anyways, it was a rainy day! hates it
luckily i brought an umbrella with me
Jason's tall enough so he's the one who held the umbrella and shade Terence and I =P
i was in between both of them~holdin their arms so we all could fit in it
as people pass us by they just couldnt stop staring,
probably they thought im crazy, havin 2 guys =__="" *lame*
we went for BBT afterwards. haha
the old classic way of spending our time together
used to be in a big group, but now only 3 of us, ouhh well~
i bought my notebook along, so here's a pic of my human head
guess what, i had to sketch+colour 100 human heads
im not kidding, 100!! ONE HUNDRED *faints*
im so speechless
as we were having BBT~jason and I sketched Terence! ;P woohoo
left is Jason's sketching
bottom right is mine, mine SUCKS so badly, OMG (o___o)
top right is a sketch of my old pic by Jason! :)
here. we sketched this pic of him
aaaa i took a pic of Jason =P wahkaka
帅哥~~~ a pic with his laptop!
u! laptop only left 18%? LOL!
after that we walked back all the way to my place~
came home, dad wasnt there, a little worried coz he didnt bring his cell phone and dats pretty weird
but then he came home and said he went to the gym. haha~
see that tall tall Jason (-___-)" so tall.

jason was havin fun eatin chocolate cookies from my place
terence was busy havin fun chattin with ppl on skype
and im havin fun lookin at both of them doin those stuff in my room
gaaaaah! hahas~


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