Sunday, November 29, 2009

what's going on with my life?

well.. i know i havent been blogging for almost a 1000years like..
seems that my life is pretty boring?
actually no, i've been out alot lately
and doing my own stuff. consider myself being BUSY
and having tight schedules
what happened lately?
appearantly i went out with Terence on Friday
Jason couldn't come coz sick :(
people are busy too. ouh well
i've been composing my song lately
the melody and lyrics
and now it's finally DONE :)
posted up on YouTube
Please go support! I'll be very much thankful for your supportive-ness
Many things happen in my life. Bad and Good
I'm always looking on the (+) side, eventhough I know it's somewhat (-)
yes, i repeat
i can't stop using the word SEXY nowadays
i use it in every sentence
i guess it was influenced by karen. haha!
My school projects sucks lately :'(
wasn't really well done & blakely wasn't impressed by it
still trying my best to work on everything and be good in everything
goodluck to myself :)


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