Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jason's 18th Birthday

winter arrived! snow everywhere~
last saturday Jason (my eldest son -LOL) celebrated his birthday at karaoke
around 9 people went. supposed to have 12 people
but 1 didnt show up, so we had to pay extra because the room will only be avaible if more than 12 people~ so yah we had to pay extra for the charge =.="

here are some sexy photos taken last saturday...
im sure you guys know who this guy is. LOL
always mention him in my blog. yah he's Terence (second son)
yaya we are playing this family game~
i have 3 sons, Jason(eldest), Terence(2nd), Kowan(youngest-NEW SON)
appearantly they dont have a dad (-__-) means that im SINGLE. LOL
on the second thought, he really looks like white overhere. woosh!
here 3 sexy humans
-a guy(didn't get his name-he loves Disney songs btw), Jeffrey & Jason-

earlier on that day....
family and I went grocery shopping. AGAIN~yah we do this like every weekend =D
i bought lotsa stuff~geeez
i bought more paper for my project~ used up $12 juz for paper (-__-) OMG
bought my hairdye..YAY!
im going back to BLONDE! =D
can't wait~im not dying it any sooner, but probably at the end of this week, Friday perhaps?

LOL my bro and i wore sorta identical clothings that day... PHOTOS!

mah winter wear~

TODAY, which is Sunday
i fully stayed home and did my project
took me freaking whole day to finish it! YAAA
and my room was in a huge mess! no kidding
i took photos of it~feel embarrassed, but yet i guess it's fine to show you guys (-__-)"
see those paper chips lying around everywhere? dot dot

a close up..
eeee yaah~ i know it's disgusting (=___=)
ok scroll down..
or scroll really up
and stop looking

anyways~ im DONE with my project
and gonna study for wednesday's multiple choice questions EXAM =)
goodluck for people who are taking exams! and goodluck to myself

-take care-


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