Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday midnight terror

P/S: ok this is sorta gonnabe a long post about my weird dream
i slept at 2am yesterday, was really really tired!
and guess what, i wokeup at 1pm. amazing right~
well just that these days i've been sleeping really late, around 4-5am in the morning~
bad for body

i had a really scary/weird dream last night
dreamed that i was at this gathering, they were having karaoke session as a huge occasion
with lots of people at the gathering, with tables+dinner
so suddenly someone called out my name, then i went on stage, unprepared,surprised
i was nervous, suddenly a song came, i didn't know what that song is
didn't even know who sang it, i fully screwed up singing on stage
after that i just ran down from the stage and scene changed
then i went to this place filled with weird stuffs, couldn't recall what was it
but yet it was actually pretty scary. the sky was dark

it was as if i was stuck in a haunted wonderland, with wandering souls/spirits and some humans as well. GOSH
suddenly i came to this scene when i running with my dad
my dad opened a door(because we were running away from ghosts)
we went into the room and it was RED(because of the red lights)
suddenly i saw some scary human chopping pudges came out filled with blood
omg it reminds me of halloween =.=
so yah i ran away, and my dad fight with them

suddenly i came to another scene, i was running away from something
then i dont know why...there was a man waiting for me at the top of a building
somewhat gave me a "lover's" feeling
after that i don't know what happened, someone dragged me away and we ran off
then i wokeup

(weirdest dream ever)

this is what i had for breakfast,
fungus oats+soya milk
hey it actually taste pretty good, healthy too! haha
not to mention that i've actually lost 5lbs within these 2 weeks ;p
eatin less, exercise more, helps alot.teehee

here to show you guys my really really really hard effort on doing my Design/Production classes' final project (T^T) the "Shape Book"

yah i know~a random guy from msn i was telling him i had been doing this book for 2days
i know it was all using paper, but if you guys can do it, i won't mind.
cut papers and do some effects on it. I DARE YOU (-__-)"
what he said to me..
"gal you gotta work fast and be smart"
and im just like..
"are you trying to say that im dumb? yo, im looking for perfectionism, good quality of work, not just working fast and end up getting a pieca shit, i dont give a damn about the f-king time i spend on this project"

some people just wouldn't think before they speak, which made me really pissed off
no, im not "small gas"
it's just that i've worked so hard on something and this is what i get from a person
i know it's all just PAPERS/GLUE STICKS/TAPE
-it's not easy, trust me, try doing 12 pages+cover-
but still, i hate getting comments like these

im getting my h1n1+flu shot later at 5pm
heard from my bro that h1n1 shot is really painful
oh geeez...

take care everyone
bring hand sanitizer out
wash hands+eat fruit+sleep well



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