Wednesday, February 10, 2010

clubbing. sick

im sick..
sore throat..damn pain

hope i recover before chinese new year...
so i can eat all the yummy food :P

went to this chinese new year fest with Amanda..
organized by Taiwan people...

this thing..what's it call...冰糖葫芦~ Bing Tang Hu Lu
taste pretty good
mini tomatoes coated with sweet sugar

At night..
Jo called up

in my room before going out
 getting ready to put our jackets away
went to LOT332...

it's a pretty nice place

met new people~ all Jo's friend from Seneca College
i was wearing heels. my feet hurt so badly

after that Jo and I walked to the bus station~
waited for the bus for 30mins = =" HOLY
i was shaking. shivering.

my ears were so bad...
coz the music was too loud. and there was a ringing sound going on~~ (-____-)""

went home and sleep
i didn't drink
good girl this time


im sick
take care people


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