Saturday, February 13, 2010

团圆饭- Family Dinner

Firstly, I'm here to wish everyone
Happy Chinese New Year 2010

many preparations were made before the big feast
daddy was busy preparing the dinner for today as well as cleaning the house
and i was busy cleaning up my room, taking good care of myself and trying to cure from my sick!

i was obsessed on watching horror movies nowadays
all thanks to my dad who linked me the asian horror movies site. LOL
*cough cough cough*
i couldn't stop coughing.
my voice is so "sexy" right now
can't even talk properly, my voice sounds like those...BLAH! LOL

anyways...i cut all of my nails and went off putting on my D.I.Y ones
check it out! :)

pretty? ugly? oooo well rating please? teeeeheee~

i was sorta disturbing my dad yesterday while he was preparing the meal for today..
until he showed me something from the cookbook..
i was so surprised...

it was my drawing when i was 5! awwwwwwwwwwwwwww~
memories. lol

i demanded for pecking duck, 北京鸭 from my dad, so he made it! :) wheee!
some pictures while daddy preparing the duckie

woooh! daddy so pro in cooking..hehe~

Saturday which is dinner before CNY! :)
dad was so funny.. told me to look at the flower he did.. LOL!!

it was actually tomato slices with lettuce.. and he said it was his beautiful flower.. LOL!!
ROFL ooh gosh dad you are funny :)

delicious food daddy made for us... bro demanded it
chicken, my daddy demanded for himself. lol
* i have no idea why the photo flipped*
and YAY my duckie! :)
the overall family dinner :) yum yum!

my brother's friend Anna came over... brother wanted his eyebrows to be plucked
so Anna plucked, I trimmed, with scissors

a geee? i noticed my bro got new contacts ! It looks pretty on him. LOL!

cough cough cough
sniff sniff sniff

im still sick :(

God Bless
have a great day everyone
get more red packets! ;P



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