Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy CNY everyone!
Tiger year. wheeee

please ignore my face
yea apparently i'm still sick on CNY
bad bad bad :(
that's why you can see that my face ain't really good

we took the bus to Aunt Kelly's house for dinner.
while waiting at the living room...

well it's vegetarian look at all the delicious food! yummy! :)

gaah look at those delicious food
sadly i didn't eat much, coz somewhat lost my appetite :(
i know. not good. lost my chances of eating lotsa delicious food!

Uncle Hong.. LOL he's hilarious in the serious way =P

the decoration in their house..
pretty :)
Didn't do much, just ate and talked with a group of people...
Simon, Norman and Justin.
yeeea I should have taken pics of dem. shucks totally forgotten! =[
was too busy sniffing off my nose!

we talked talked talked
and yea actually suppose to go out with Ray, coz he said he wanted to talk
but I sorta pushed back the time. sorry Ray :(
yea it was Valentine's Day too.
imma lonely gurl!
so no date for yesterday at all, and no roses. AWWW :(

red packets I received!
Yea really different from what I've expected
compare to Malaysia..hmmm
but still mama say relatives are gonna gimme red packets too :)

and chaaaa!
why am i sick on such awesome festival?!
I couldn't eat the delicious food daddy bought :(
can't do this can't do that.
shucks! it's just bad

sickness getting worst,
going to the doctors tomorrow

God Bless
take care peeps


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