Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The last winter

heard that it's the last week of winter this week and spring is in! :)
wheee for the clothings i can wear! without thick clothings. Tho i still could wear the scarf and cap! but for sure no thick thick thick jacket

i had pretty huge appetite few days
and again i went off with my hot choco and yummy cookie! :)
i have to say this out loud
but im seriously sick of people asking me why am i always taking photos of random stuff
and said that im WEIRD? i took that as an OFFENCE instead of a JOKE to laugh at. HA-HA so funny!
just shutup and mind your own business?
I BLOG. BLOGGERS take photos for stuff or what so ever and it's my choice
OMG. I don't know why some people just wouldn't think before they speak?


it was filled with snow that day after i got off class
filled with snow. but it's pretty~ :)

on the way..walking home. la la la~
went home and procrastinated
wasn't in the mood at all! I get so angry easily nowadays
so people out there, just please watch your mouth and think before speaking
please? (=___=)"

today. snow again! yay?
i got up around 9.10am today and went off to the subway around 10.16am
as i got down to the train. someone called out my name
then i looked.. it was John! woooh!
and he said there's no subway
i was like.. WHAT?! we were gonnabe late. for sure =_="

we ran here and there. waited for the bus, TOO MANY PEOPLE
ok we gave up. we went back and i got myself an emergency transfer ticket...

after that we walked up to Yonge Street and waited for the 97 bus
took so long and it snowed awhile

and we were singing~~ LOL!
we LOVE to sing!

waited for almost an hour..
and finally the bus came and we bused to Sheppard station and got off to the station
we got to class around 12pm
and the teacher was telling us bout our homework for the week
after 5mins of talking.. he said..
i was like.. WTH?! O__O"


it snowed again today! the floor was filled with slush~

enjoy the videos i took guys! =]


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