Sunday, February 21, 2010

mah days II

yep i've finally worn the dress Gordon gifted me :)
my dad didn't realise i got a new dress -__-" well..yah~
anyway, what happened these days? yet again im taking everythin happened these days and putting them into an article. lol 3 birds with 1 stone? =S

i wasn't in a really good mood these days
probably due to my pain with the "flu" and "cough"

went to York-U at John's friend's place,(Aaron's place)
he had lotsa tools for recording, awesome
sadly i couldn't sing =( can't sing high notes. -sigh-
anyhow. I had to leave early that evening and thanks to Hanna, John and Aaron for the hardwork of completing the whole song

which is YEAH coz the project was due on Friday. yup last minute work again!
went home and cooked my own rice

looks fine? :)
i only could taste the thing with my 80% unblock nose which somewhat connects to my throat and tongue? it didn't taste bad. lol

Thursday night...
things were rushing! i stayed up whole night til 2am finishing the Production project due on Friday...
remember? i was sick for almost 2 weeks! I could barely move.
Gordon was texting with me...and he said...
"why don't you just tell the teacher that you were sick and hand-in the work later on?"
i said..
"noo, i don't want to push back all the work, in the end will get more crampy. I just wanna finish off everything and get over it"

went to school, woke up at 6.30am because of Design Culture class which starts at 8am
and yes we were suppose to present our song today
guess what?
Hanna and John didn't show up. Lisanne and I had to present it?
OK Lisanne and I didn't know the song at all. it was deep *sheet*

anyhow..Hanna managed to arrive to class around 9.40am. *class ends at 10am btw*
and yup~~we presented. LOL got over it =D

im somewhat having stress right now
i would just have to careless what's going on around me now
just have to focus on my work
yes i am giving myself pressure, because my school is important to me.
and i don't want to fail.

yah around 3 projects are due this week i think?
and i haven't started any
good luck to myself

imma blog about saturday on a new pieca article k =]


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