Wednesday, March 3, 2010

these days

yo i've been staying home for the past 3 days and feeling like a wicked-ass
was doing my assignments day and night, night and day
i somewhat hate drawing now. YES I DO! (>__<) gah~

and yes. "big aunt" came and my mood is extremely bad

i stayed home and didn't want to do anything
i cleaned my room and reorganize my stuff- was in such a low mood

ACTIVIA!! woolala~ i was shocked. such big pack O_O
yogurt from someone

what did I do these days?
yesh..below are my 2 artwork.

i have NO IDEA why blogspot would rotate my pic by itself
i still have 2 more pieces of artwork to work-on

 drawing is not easy!
especially when the paper is 11"x17" (=__=)
and yah i have to use MARKERS. i repeat MARKERS!

dubz dubz dubz


Trina Mui said...

awww so sweet !! i'm jealous ^^ hehe cute pix too !

Anonymous said...


❤MiChikㄖ❤ said...

Trina: hehe. thanks thanks =)

知道: 恩哦?

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