Thursday, December 16, 2010

Food For Thought 1

this is how I look with very simple make-up
people say I look more Korean
if I wear Gyaru make-up,
people say I look more Jap. LOL
anyway, I'm happy both ways XD
Gonna start a food blogging series now!
From today, I'll post up at least 1 post which is related to food I eat.teehee~
I love food, who doesn't?
ahhh, anybody knows why Blogger kept on flipping my image? =(
first stop...
Chinese cold noodles
taste like peanut sauce, with a hint of chilli spice
sesame and noodles. Served cold
I ate this at a restaurant with hotpot

next stop...
cooking by daddy

Yi Ma Gah Lui
means second aunt's daughter getting married
never understood why this dish was named that way
but anyhow, daddy said this melon is call..
Fuzzy Melon
how cute is that?! =D Fuzzy fuzzy oohh fuzzy.
ANYWAY, fuzzy melon with glass noodles and baby dried shrimp

daddy cooked this yesterday...

Lemon Chicken
it was daddy's 1st trial, and lemme tell you...
it tasted heavenly. No joke. It's even better than restaurants' =3

oooohh if you guys know, I was a Malaysian, born & raised at Malaysia
so what my dad cook is mostly Malaysian food

Asam Laksa
rice noodles, fish, peppermint, that sour thing i dont know what it's call
my all time favourite
ok daddy didn't cook this,
my dad doesn't take beef at all
I had PhO today!
only $5.99 (S) per bowl
$6.99 (L) per bowl
yes, size (S) already filled me up
love the soup and beef balls!
where did I have this?
Location is at Yonge Street. Somewhere near North York Centre
Restaurant name is PHO, with a cow head logo


Eason said... your dad noe how to cook...tat was so great !

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