Friday, April 29, 2011

My puppy boy, QQ's story...

*family portrait*
I remember the very first day my bf and I said we wanted a puppy
then we went onto hoping to find a dog
so we found the one we wanted! Pomeranian and Esquimo breeded puppy

We made appointment and went over to see the puppy
There was only black and beige left...
I saw the beige one and held it in my tiny, so little and fragile. Afraid to hurt it.
From that day onwards we decided to choose him, that little beige colour boy

We even went to get him clothes, leash, chain, blanket, sleeping place in advance
Because I couldn't wait to get this cute lil puppy in my hands! :]

On May 2010, we brought him home.
He stayed in my apartment. He was a stranger to the place.
I put him in his small box so that he could sleep.
I placed pee pads and newspapers around so he won't dirty my carpet.

Time for me to go to bed, I put him at a corner where I could see him from my bed.
I couldn't sleep because he kept on howling and crying like a lil baby.
I was frustrated, I went and patted him, told him to be a goodboy
5 minutes after, the same thing happened.
I then took that little palm size boy onto my bed.
He slept beside me, safely and calmly. Just like a little baby.

We decided to name him, QQ.
He then live with my bf, because my apartment is carpeted, makes it really inconvenient.
But my bf does bring him over most of the time, just that QQ doesn't stay overnight.

*QQ likes to pose for the camera*

We brought QQ to the vet, got him registered and had him take his first shot
He grew up healthy. Cute little puppy boy.
He would just run around the house, from front to the back, back to the front again, 3 times.

QQ ain't like any other puppy, he doesn't smell like a dog. In fact he smells like a human.
He likes to cuddle, and likes to be hugged.
Whenever I hug him on my arms, he'll shift his head and rest it on my chest.

Whenever I do my work, he'll accompany me.
He'll roll up and rest himself on my feet.
If there's any movement from me, he'll wakeup immediately and stare at me
as if I needed help.

Months passed and QQ grew...

 He grew alot more handsome.
Everyone said that he's a beautiful puppy.

QQ doesn't socialize with any other dogs.
He doesn't sniff or lick them.
In fact, QQ socializes more with people.
People like me, my bf and my family.

We even planned to get QQ a wife!
So that he could have kids and more cute lil puppies.

Whenever I come home from outside,
QQ will be the very first one to stand by the door and greet me.
Shaking his tail, jumping up and down, scratching my feet wanting me to hug him.
When he gets his hug, he'll lick on my chin and mouth.
Sometimes he got over excited that he peed on the floor!

A few months passed...
QQ had sickness...

 one day, all of a sudden QQ felt so sick,
He vomitted and had no appetite. He was at my bf's house at that moment.
We went to the clinic for check up.
The doctor said that he might have liver problems.
But couldn't identify whether it's 100% true or not.
So we got QQ some medicine, hoping that he will cure.
 Miracle happened...
QQ was finally back to normal again.

But, things changed.
He went from being chubby to extremely skinny.
We had used all means to feed him with the best food we could supply,
hoping that he will grow fatter and healthier.

As time goes by...
QQ did grow alot fatter after some heavy meals
 *QQ posing for the camera. He loves his new socks we got him*

QQ would be so happy when we get him new toys and food.
Whenever there's human food, or potato chips, he'll definitely be superb excited and kept on begging us to feed him.
 I remember this shot here...
It was when his first time wearing the socks we gave him.
At first he found it annoying.
The floor was wooden and too slippery.
He tried standing up but kept on slipping down.
It was the funniest moment ever.

 QQ boy, he just loves the camera...
Whenever my dad cooks in the kitchen,
he will just sit down and stay beside my dad, hoping that my dad will give him something tasty

Whenever I call out his name when I'm in my room,
I will hear his tiny footsteps running on the carpeted floor and the chain on his neck.. "ling ling ling"
Then he'll push my door to open it, with his head stick out from behind.
He starred at me, to see as if I was in trouble or not.
10 seconds after, he'll just run back out and continue with his activity.

QQ hates cold weather.
I once brought him out during winter and made him walk with me to get my bf off work.
I leashed him all the way, walking beside each other.
The weather was extremely cold, strong cold wind, freezy.
As we were walking, I looked down and saw QQ starring at me, front and up, front and up
He starred in front because he doesn't want to get hit on anything.
He starred up to see as if I was noticing him.

I stopped and he walked infront of me, jumped up and scratched my legs and cried a little.
I carried him up. From that onwards, I knew that he wanted me to hug him.
Because he was freezing cold and he doesn't want to walk.
So I carried him all the way. People starred as if I have a real baby in my arms.

Whenever the time reaches 11.30-12pm, QQ will definitely be tired.
Because he has his punctual bed time.
He will go to bed first. He pushes the door which leads to his own small room
And curls up on his fluffy bed.

The first thing I wakeup in the morning, QQ will say.. "Good morning!"
Kept scratching my bed telling me to wakeup.
I got off my bed, he will jump up and down, kept wagging his tail.
If my alarm goes off and I'm still asleep, he'll wake me up.
He does whatever he could just to make sure that I'm still breathing and alive on my bed.
He barked, howled, scratched, cried.

I remember once when I was singing in the bathroom.
I put him in my bathtub so that he wouldn't walk around sniffing everywhere.
I sang in the bathroom. QQ starred at me as if he was listening.
When I'm done singing, QQ wagged his tail to show his appreciation.
I sang again for the second time, and QQ showed me the exact reaction as before.

Whenever we bring QQ for a car ride, he loves putting his head out of the window and enjoy the breezy wind.
He dislikes sitting at the passenger seat.
Whenever we put him on the passenger seat,he sat down awhile and sniffed around.
A few minutes later, he'll walk over to the driver's seat, and lay down on my bf's lap.
QQ loves being close to people who cares and loves him.

27th April 2011...
I got a call from bf, saying that QQ couldn't stand up all of a sudden.
He tried to stand but couldn't
Bf thought he might be over hungry, so he fed him
QQ ate.

I drove to bf's house and picked them up.
I saw QQ, restless and emotionless and my bf's arms.
I drove all the way to the clinic.

The doctor said that QQ can't last any longer...
Due to him having a liver failure disease...
The doctor gave us 2 options.
For him to have surgery or euthanasia

We don't want either..
Even if QQ have surgery, the doctor said that it's not 100% guarantee cured

QQ was so weak..
the doctor put him into the cage and let him rest on a towel...
his temperature was very low, he was freezing.
QQ couldn't walk
he couldn't stand-up and pee
he couldn't control his poo
QQ kept on crying...
I walked closer to him and put my palm on his face..
He leaned towards my palm and stopped crying...

the doctor said that QQ is getting weaker
he suggested giving QQ some fluids...

our last decision was taking QQ home
bf said he wants to accompany QQ by his side before he "goes"

the doctor gave us some medication.
He said that the medicine might help QQ a little...but not guaranteed
I drove to Pet Valu, bf got the most expensive puppy food for QQ,
it's also QQ's favourite food...
I drove them home.
I cleaned bf's room, turned on the heater full blast
I put QQ's bed beside it.
I made him warm water, pour some food for him into his food box.

Bf gave him a shower...
Poor QQ couldn't control his poo...
he kept on poo-ing and poo-ing...
I used the hairdryer and blowdried QQ's hair... just like last-time..
whenever he got off the shower.

We then put him on his bed, he still couldn't move
But he's still breathing...
I fed him medicine and some water, he liked it alot
I told him to stay strong, and that he will survive.

We were so busy that day... so many things needed to be done.
At night my bf called me from his place,
he told me that QQ finally ate some food...
QQ finally could stand up and walk...
he peed on his pee-pad
walked over to crunch his food and drank some water..
We were extremely happy thinking that the medicine worked for QQ!

28th April 2011

I got a call at 7.30am in there morning from bf - i was still in bed
He was sad on the phone...
he told me that QQ can't last any longer..
I was shocked.

Suddenly, bf said...
"QQ is not moving anymore"
"QQ's heart is not beating anymore"
I was very shocked.
I couldn't believe it. I thought he was lying to me

and lastly...
bf said...
"QQ has gone"

i cried. cried in a way that no any other could imagine...
i told bf to wake him up. shake him, whatever to wake him up!
But no... he's really gone...forever gone.

I quickly rushed to my dad and drove all the way to bf's place
I went up and saw QQ's pillow covered with papers...
bf lifted up the paper...
and I saw QQ...
his eyes were wide open... and his mouth was open as well...

I shooked...
I started to cry again...
my cute little puppy QQ is really gone...

they wrapped him up and put him in a box..
and drove to the clinic for cremation
we brought all QQ's belongings...
his food, diapers, clothes, pillow, leash, chain, food box
we want QQ to bring everything together with him..
so he could live happily in another world

we left the clinic...
bf kept starring at the box...
didn't want to leave at all...
but we just had to let him go...

 rest in peace QQ
you are the best little puppy boy I've ever had
all these times, 11 months- was the best time to have you by our side
Eventhough sometimes you might pee or poo around,
or kept on sniffing to find food and doing bad things,
we still love you little boy.

QQ took his very last chunk of food and water.
He died peacefully and naturally on his bed.
His eyes were wide open looking,
and we knew that he didn't want to leave us,
but he was just in deep pain.

be a good boy okay?
love you  

*pomeranian and esquimo breeded*
May 2010 - April 2011

p/s: some people might say that, it's only a dog, it's just a pet, why are you
so sad about it? Why are you being so dumb emotional?
If you have had a pet before, you'll understand our feelings.
Even if it's just the smallest pet on earth like a hamster.
There's always something special about them that'll make you love and cherish them
even if they are not human beings.


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<3 r.i.p
very touching story~

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Poor QQ :(
God bless his poor little soul, R.I.P.

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