Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loreal Warehouse 2011

About 2 weeks ago 5th of May I went to the
Loreal Spring Warehouse with boyfie~
He gave me a surprise the day before saying that
he got me a ticket to go cosmetics shopping :]

So almost all the products are purchased by him!
picture heavy post this time! enjoy ~~~

So my pictures got a little messed up
but anyways, it's still in here

 Some mini size products from Lancome
blue bottle: my favourite eye-makeup remover
juicy tube lip-gloss
3 lip sticks in different colours
1 eyeshadow palette with 7 colours
all these products actually came with a blue tote bag
going to give the bag to my aunt.

 Here is another section of Lancome products
i love Lancome! I only shopped for their products this time :]
You can see behind there's a golden box, it's a cosmetics box
Inside that box contain different cosmetics and skin cares

1 lipstick
1 mascara
1 juicy tube lip-gloss
1 perfume
1 skin rejuvenate cream
1 blush palette
1 4 colours eyeshadow palette
1 youth regenerate cream
1 face wash
1 eye makeup remover

 Pretty box
I got 2 of these
one for myself and one for my mom
(mother's day gift)

This golden box package ran out of stock so quickly!
Since it's the first day of the warehouse,
so many people kept on grabbing and snatching things

 Here I have an eye cream
Lancome's Absolue Eye Premium

 This is how the entire package looks like
Comes with
1 eye cream
1 youth rejuvenate eye cream
1 eye makeup remover

When I got home, I open every boxes
and found out that 1 item's lost in the package.
Must have been some people who had opened the box
and took out the product =___=

So the day after I had to go back to the warehouse and
get them to replace the product for me

 This is a multi-vital moisturizing cream with SPF-30
by Lancome as well.
It comes with a make-up box with kits inside

 and also it comes with a mini bottle perfume!
love the smell~~very elegant

 this is what's included...
I don't quite remember what are the names and items
but all are skin cares

 and yesh! It comes with a cosmetic bag

There are a few items I chose from the Lancome counter

 Lancome's press powder
Natury Ivory is my colour :]

 This is how it looks like

 ah~ This is a tiny small scoop/spoon
for the make-up foundation below
cute spoon eh?

 Lancome's Absolue Makeup Foundation
I think this comes with SPF-30 and anti ageing purposes

 another base foundation I got

 Here are all the Lancome products - purchased

Now for some other skin care products...
VICHY, Biotherm
 Eye serum - Biotherm
 Skin regenerate - Biotherm
 Comes with a free MAN Skin care moisturizer - Biotherm
 This one is for females
 The one on the left is the all 3 products stated above
As for the right is hydrating and anti ageing skin care

 Hydrating Moisturizer - VICHY
 One on the right is Aqua / Moisture Rescue - VICHY
I will use that during winter season.
Because my skin tends to go really dry and itches due to the the weather
So I guess that'll help my skin :]

 Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation
It's pretty inexpensive so I got one to try out

 Ultimate White Brightening Moisturizer - KIEHL'S
I've never personally tried any KIEHL'S product before
Heard from many people that it's quite a nice product
So I started using this 2 days ago.
Eventhough there's no nice fragnance or smells good,
but it works pretty nice on my skin.

 Maybelline Eye Studio Palette

 This palette caught my eye.
I got one for my mom too.
I think it's because of the glittery particles in them
Inexpensive but works fine on my eyelids
 Got tons of mascaras!!
I love love love mascaras
I don't wear false lashes now,
and boyfie said that I don't need falsies. LOL~

and this is the entire family~
Guess how much was spent on everything? :]

check-out my next post!
It's going to be.. What makeup I'm wearing today


From Broadway said...

That's such a sweet surprise!!!

shi zhan said...

レイバン アビエイターと言えば、メタルフレームのイメージが強いでしょう。何もしなくてもヤンキーと言われる私には、ゴツめのRay Ban使えないので、断念しちゃった。レイバン ウェイファーラーのほうが少しでも爽やかな雰囲気を作ってくれるといいなと思った。

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