Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Greetings! How is everyone doing? (^__^)
I hope you all had an awesome holiday as well as new year celebration!
Once again I'm late on my blog post. (-___-)|||

Christmas was around 2 weeks ago and I should have updated my blog since
But just couldn't find the right time and there are so many things I had to work around at home!
Hmmm~loads of excuses eh? lol

Anyway... Here are a few photos from the Christmas gathering with my dad's friends 

I didn't really take a lot of photos because there were too many people!
I was too shy, teehee (^__^)" 

What's my Christmas gift? 
Well my family don't celebrate Christmas at all but I still got some gifts from friends
 whom I am very thankful for!

By the way, I changed my contact lenses because the brown pair I had before is not 
suitable for me. It always made my eyes go super red and looks infected. Superb scary!

So now I changed to the ones my mom bought for me all the way from my hometown.
Luna contact lenses. These are lenses bough from optical shop.
They are 100% soft lenses and it enlarge eyes like what circle lenses does!

They are super pretty and comfortable~~
this colour I'm wearing is grey

They are just like any other transparent contact lenses. 
Just that thing has colour and enlarging effect!
A lot more healthier than wearing cosmetic lenses (^__^)

I think that's it for now
Sorry if my post entry is too short. But I promise to bring more a few days after~!
I have a lot of beautiful shots of products needed to be taken
teehee~ till then!

Oohh by the way, that first photo of me,
I sort of want to change it to my new banner,
what do you guys think?


FairyWater79 said...

Your eyelashes are super long! What do you use? Lolz...

'Banh Quy' I recognize the orange desert on the banana leaf! Looks good!

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